Hairless hamster gets new sweater

Silky will be available for adoption soon - preferably in a well-heated home

A hairless hamster in the US will see out the winter in a custom-made sweater.

Mum feeds stranger's kid for weeks

When her son asked for extra food for a classmate in need, Josette Duran prepared an extra lunch every day.

That's what any human being would do: Josette Duran prepared two lunches every day without hesitation.

NZ's top dogs video

Stuff reporter Nicole Lawton found out firsthand what's behind New Zealand's labrador appeal.

The loveable lab again takes the prize for the country's most popular dog breed.

'Never had a moment like this'

Mother Shannon Niehaus posted a picture of the moment her 5-year-old son Kainoa met Tornado, his new service dog.

The autistic youngster struggled to make friends: "Any friend. Any kind of connection." Tornado the dog changed everything.

Happiest baby in the world

This photo was taken when Freya was just 1.7kg and five days old.

Freya weighed just 1.7kg when she was born but has given parents of premature babies hope.

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Furry Friday: Cats curling up

Lord Viking is not so much curled as corseted into this shoe box.

In search of supreme comfort, cats curl themselves into and on top of some unexpected places.

Furry Friday: A tribute to spring

Spring is a blossomy time of the year. And it's a chance for pets to look gorgeous outdoors.

Furry Friday: Ginger cat goodness

Why dog-control plan won't work

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