The pets that go paddleboarding

Michael Ellison on a paddleboard with Ellie the cat and Tama the dog at Macandrew Bay, Dunedin.

11:18 AM  A ginger cat and a golden retriever have taken to riding the waves. No, really.

Man rescues dog. Dog rescues man

Colin Campbell and George, a landseer newfoundland, have been helping each other.

10:41 AM  It's a classic love tail: Broken man meets broken dog and together they make life good again.

Cop takes on 'roo-thieving eagle

Cuejoe owes his life - again - to police officer Scott Mason, who saved him from becoming an eagle's dinner.

The wedge-tailed eagle, with a stealthy approach that belied its 2.1 metre wingspan, attacked without warning.

Why pets are as good as therapy

Get rid of your drama with the help of a llama.

How animals have helped to calm the anxious and cheer up those suffering from depression.

Collar 'translates' your cat's meow video

Prototype for Catterbox - a talking cat collar launched by The Temptations Lab.

Can a talking collar bridge the communication gap between humans and cats? Well.... sort of.

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Why April is good for dogs

Dog at the beach.

It may feel darker and colder, but the end of daylight saving isn't all bad news for dog owners.

'Cardboard box' kitten gets lucky

After an unpromising start to life, Pixie's future is looking very bright indeed.

Furry Friday: Here I stand

Furry Friday: Opposites attract

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