Kittens visit Stuff's newsroom video

This SPCA kitten is dreaming of a brighter future.

2:55 PM  When we learnt felines would be carted throughout workplaces on Friday, we were loath to miss out.

Catitude in cabs gallery video

The SPCA's Jorja Bennetts and Uber driver Stewart Hendaryo will be out and about making kitten playtime deliveries around Wellington on Friday to promote pet adoption.

Craving a cuddle with a cute feline? Uber will deliver some to your office for a small SPCA donation.

Out-of-control dart gets monkey

Winnie, the Wellington Zoo spider monkey that was hit by a wayward tranquilliser dart.

Winnie the Wellington Zoo spider monkey was minding her own business ... then, thwak.

Auckland Zoo's giraffe on the move

Two of the giraffe herd Shira will be leaving behind at Auckland Zoo

Auckland giraffe Shira has begun a three-day road and sea voyage bound for a new life on the mainland.

This man's wife cries at everything

Lex Gillies, left, has been known to cry when hungover at pictures of piglets

Comedian found his wife's tendency to weep so intriguing he documented each meltdown for a month. 

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Mysteries of a dog's yawn


Sometimes, when your dog yawns, it's just because it's tired. But other times, it's rather more telling.

When pets are 'naughty'

Stuffed toys, paper towel, spaghetti - they're all fair game for curious cats and dogs.

Furry Friday: Cats and dogs

Furry Friday: Impossible cuteness

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