Husky and dad argue over food video

Dad lays down the law about who gets to eat his potato skins, while the husky begs to differ.

All this adorable husky wanted was a good old nosh on potato skins.

The cutest thing you'll see today video

Animal care staff report that Funani and her calf are doing well.

San Diego Zoo has welcomed a brand new baby hippo - and this video of it learning to swim is perhaps the best video ever made.

Student fosters gibbon

24032015. News. Photo: Supplied
Wild thing: There was no sign of the baby gibbon's group when the wild animal was discovered. Victoria University student Naven Hon rescued a baby gibbon in Cambodia last week

A Victoria University Masters student became an impromptu foster mother in Cambodia.

Boy meets his heroes, falls apart

SO CUTE: The moment a wee boy met his idols. His dad posted the image on Facebook, writing: "Quincy's been waiting all week to show the garbage men his garbage truck. But, in the moment, he was overwhelmed in the presence of his heroes."

When Quincy finally got to meet his heroes and their rubbish truck it was all a little overwhelming.

Offers flow for abandoned bulldog

Nelson SPCA inspector and manager Donna Walzl with the English bull terrier covered in sores.

Dog lovers around the country offer homes to a bulldog found wandering the streets in Nelson.

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Furry Friday: Impossible cuteness

Four legs good blog Gusto

Today any semblance of theme has been thrown away for animals that are reaching impossible levels of cuteness.

Pets in the living room

Our furry friends invite us into the living space they share with their human companions.

When a neighbour feeds your cat

Furry Friday: Outdoor lovers

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