A Beyonce activewear line is happening

You may never be able to sing like her, but at least you can style some of her style come next April.

Now girls can really Run The World in style, thanks to Bey's partnership with clothing giant Topshop.

Jewellery for that time of the month

London designer Lili Murphy-Johnson hopes her period inspired collection will break down menstruation taboos.

Shark week, aunt Flow, the crimson tide - yes, now you can wear jewellery inspired by your period.

Best & worst dressed celebrities gallery

Victoria Beckham, Salma Hayek and Kate Bosworth all made the cut this week.

Victoria is her own best advert, Salma puts a lot on show, and one supermodel commits crimes against polyester.

Nana knickers featuring real nanas

The old girls come in a variety of colours and styles - there's bound to be one that suits you.

Not sure what to buy the lady in your life for Christmas? We got this - introducing Golden Girls Granny Panties.

Dressing for the TV weather

Meteorologist April Warnecke in 'the dress'.

That $35 dress "ticks all the boxes", says 3 News' Ingrid Hipkiss, who admits her TV wardrobe is nothing like her everyday style.

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