The best: Top 20 winter boots

17:19, May 08 2014
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>RIVER ISLAND Cut-Out Boots</a>, $96.10</strong>. Thanks to Aussie outlet The Iconic, you can now get a piece of the UK high street here in old NZ. So let’s start with these block-heel beauties from River Island. They cross off a range of the winter’s top shoe trends: buckles – tick, studs – tick, ankle-flashing cut-outs –tick. As Meat Loaf once said, two out of three ain’t bad, so three out of three is surely amazing.
WITCHERY Ryan Riding Boot
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>WITCHERY Ryan Riding Boot</a>, $399.90</strong>. Despite the fact I’ve only been on a horse once, during which I promptly fell over the side every time I mounted the damn thing, I do love a good riding boot. These Witchery ones cover all corners – sleek black leather, sturdy heel and traditional buckle adornment. Perfect under midi skirts and over jeans, these might just become your most-worn boot over winter.
MARKS & SPENCER Pointed-Toe Monk Ankle Boots
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>MARKS & SPENCER Pointed-Toe Monk Ankle Boots</a>, $87.50</strong>. Proving that the colder months don’t have to mean black, grey, brown and more black are this dusky pink suede buckle-ups from M&S. While they’ll brighten up your winter wardrobe a treat, they’ll also prove useful in spring and summer with denim cut-offs or floaty tea dresses.
SPURR Alysha Ankle Boots
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>SPURR Alysha Ankle Boots</a>, $42.50</strong>. I love me a good designer copy, and these western-style booties from Spurr are an excellent take on Isabel Marant’s Dicker boots that every celeb you can possibly think of has sported. This bargain pair is faux suede - a bit better for rainy days - but Hannahs also do <a href=""target="_blank">a great authentic version</a>. Whichever you plump for, their low-cut front means they’re a perennial pick, looking good with shorts, skirts, dresses, jeans … you name it, they suit it.
TOPSHOP Arena Peep-Toe Boots
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>TOPSHOP Arena Peep-Toe Boots</a>, $165</strong>. OK so this isn’t strictly the most practical winter boot (sorry, not sorry) but just look how pretty. Not great for traipsing around on snowy walks, no, but they will, however, be a more sub-zero-friendly evening shoe than a strappy stiletto. Plus they’re the right side of punky, have an incredibly comfortable heel, and look beyond amazing with skinny jeans.
COUNTRY ROAD Serena Zip Boot
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>COUNTRY ROAD Serena Zip Boot</a>, $279</strong>. The midi skirt had its heyday last season (or is it still going? It’s so hard to keep up with trends), and now it’s the turn of the midi boot. You may think this a length that makes a right meal out of the chunkiest part of your lower leg, but you’d be wrong. This pair falls right on the narrow curve where your ankle meets your calf, stopping them from becoming a cover-up-with-some-trousers job. Plus grey is going to be huge this season (and no, I don’t mean the Fifty Shades movie), so you’d be savvy to snap these up.
HUSH PUPPIES Yani Chelsea Boots
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>HUSH PUPPIES Yani Chelsea Boots</a>, $170.80</strong>. Ah the classic Chelsea, the Audrey Hepburn of the winter boot world. There are so many versions out there, but your best bet is to go with a low heel and quality, durable leather, like these staples from Hush Puppies. For any “what the hell shall I wear” days, channel your inner Alexa Chung and wear these with the holy trinity - black skinny jeans, a beige trench and a Breton stripe jumper.
BOOHOO Gia Leather-Look Wader Boots
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>BOOHOO Gia Leather-Look Wader Boots</a>, $80</strong>. Finding affordable long-length boots can be a bit of an oxymoron, but if you’re willing to stray into faux-leather territory then you can find some great styles that won’t cost you a month’s rent. These tan thigh-highs from Boohoo are sexy without being too Seventies Abba thanks to their flat heel, and look fab under shorter dresses in lieu of tights. And don’t fear; there’s a slash at the the knee so you don’t end up walking like the Tin Man.
OVERLAND Tusago Boots
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>OVERLAND Tusago Boots</a>, $279.90</strong>. There is absolutely nothing wrong with just wanting to keep things plain and simple. Ditching all the bells and whistles are this minimalist pair from Overland, a bit Acne-ish in all their dark wood and plush leather glory. The kind of boots that could make me feel like I was one of those cool Kate Bosworth-type girls – until I notice the Marmite stains on my shirt sleeves and lipstick on my chin.
OFFICE Metric Black and Leopard Boots
<a href=",10/1661903532"target="_blank"><strong>OFFICE Metric Black and Leopard Boots</a>, $145</strong>. I want, I want, I want. (And, since compiling this list, I have actually bought). It looks like pretty traditional flat ankle boot from the front, but wait, what’s that leopard-print party going on in the back? Offering just a hint of print for those that find full-on animal a bit much, the pony-skin effect makes this Office offering look much more expensive than the reality. Be prepared to be stopped in the street with an “Ooh, I love your boots, where are they from?”
TOPSHOP Aba Pointed Ankle Boots
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>TOPSHOP Aba Pointed Ankle Boots</a>, $184</strong>. Actual blue. Suede. Shoes. Good enough to have inspired a song (well not these ones specifically, but they might as well have). Need I say more?
COUNTRY ROAD Kara Gusset Boot
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>COUNTRY ROAD Kara Gusset Boot</a>, $229</strong>. If you’re in the market for a timeless mid-heel boot that’ll see you through the next five years or so, then look no further. Crafted in some seriously luxe leather that you just want to stroke and sniff (please tell me I’m not the only one that loves the whiff of quality leather?), this is THE wear-anywhere pair you’ve been looking for.
OVERLAND Regina Bull Boxer Boots
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>OVERLAND Regina Bull Boxer Boots</a>, $269.90</strong>. When I think glitter footwear, images of those ill-advised 90s jelly sandals flash like an ominous disco ball in my mind. But these Overland babies rewrite the rules on sparkly shoes with a chunky Cuban heel, soft, supple leather front, and a shimmery bronze panel bringing up the rear.
ALDO Perforated Lace-Up Boots
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>ALDO Perforated Lace-Up Boots</a>, $175</strong>. Dr Martens may be enjoying a resurrection, but they can be a little too Sex Pistols for some. Enter Aldo’s slightly more feminine take on the work boot. With a not-too-stompy stacked heel and flexible leather, these bad boys will prove your new weekend stalwart, together with a chunky jumper, dark-dye jeans and thick cable-knit socks.
ASOS Eagle Ankle Boots
<a href=",148&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=204&sort=-1&clr=Black"target="_blank"><strong>ASOS Eagle Ankle Boots</a>, $116</strong>. They might be mock croc, but there’s no faking just how bloody stylish these patent boots from ASOS are. Texture gets a big tick this season so you might as well start from the ground up.
COTTON ON Chavez Boot
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>COTTON ON Chavez Boot</a>, $42.60</strong>. Well, if these aren’t an exact doppelganger for <a href=""target="_blank">Acne's $775 Star boots</a>. The very boots I once tried to buy while internet shopping and drinking wine (never have I been so fortunate to see the words “transaction declined”). Wear them with rolled-up boyfriend jeans and the smug air of one who’s paid less than a tenth of the designer price tag.
WITCHERY Lauren Ankle Boot
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>WITCHERY Lauren Ankle Boot</a>, $259.90</strong>. This painterly pair is guaranteed to liven up an all-black outfit, without scaring off colour-haters. In a magnificent quail-feather print that I’ve not seen the likes of anywhere else, these should turn a few heads or two on your morning commute.
NUMBER ONE SHOES Idaho Therapy Boots
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>NUMBER ONE SHOES Idaho Therapy Boots</a>, $59.99</strong>. It was just earlier this week I saw a picture of Poppy Delevingne trotting round London in a pair of Navajo-weave boots that gave me green eyes. And then I found this canny dupe at only $60. If that’s not what you’d call a coincidence, then I don’t know what is. Regardless, you’ll get your money’s worth with these woven, Western-inspired boots –perfect with a breezy white cotton dress in summer and leather (or pleather, no judgement) trousers and a khaki parka in winter.
ASOS Antwerp Leather Boots
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>ASOS Antwerp Leather Boots</a>, $107</strong>. Could this be a more modern reincarnation of those biker boots that have been abso-bloody-lutely everywhere the last few years? The plaited leather trim feels fresh, yet they’re still slouchy in an off-duty model kinda way. If you’re still loathe to leave the traditional biker trend behind, <a href=""target="_blank">this Next offering</a> is pretty spot on.
RIVER ISLAND Tassel Trim Ankle Boots
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>RIVER ISLAND Tassel Trim Ankle Boots</a>, $96</strong>. Seeing as my face is shaped like a pancake, this is the closest to a good fringe I’m ever going to get. Even if you’re lucky enough to be as synonymous with bangs as Zooey Deschanel, these tasselled treats will add a bohemian edge to whatever you’ve got on. A new festival fave.
OVERLAND Sanction Silver Boots
<a href=""target="_blank"><strong>OVERLAND Sanction Silver Boots</a>, $239.90</strong>. Ground control to Major Tom – Overland have an insanely good pair of futuristic metallic boots that might just be my next buy (compiling this list is proving to be an albatross around my bank balance’s neck). This was supposed to be a Top 20, but my inner magpie demanded a shiny extra addition. Perhaps too space cowboy for some, but these will rocket (no more space puns, I promise) pared-down jeans and tees into exciting new territory.

Needing 14 layers of woollens plus the unavoidable red nose doesn't mean you have to forgo style in the colder months. And where better to start than from the ground up?

So here's 20 of the best boots (plus an irresistable bonus pair) currently online, all with shipping to NZ.

From classic black to blue suede and space age, we'd be surprised if there wasn't at least one pair that could prise some credit card details from your cold, it's-not-payday-yet clutches. But please don't blame us if you fall for multiple pairs and hammer your overdraft - we're in a similar boat.


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