Victoria's Secret model shocks the world

Last updated 12:51 12/08/2014
Candice Swanepoel

NEWSFLASH: Candice Swanepoel... eats food.

Candice Swanepoel
HER CHEAT OF CHOICE: Miranda Kerr's Mother's Day pavlova.

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Quelle horreur. Even an Angel eats.

Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel has made headlines around the world for eating a slice of pizza and drinking a beer.

The Instagram photo of the 25-year-old indulging has had a whopping 196,000 'likes'.

"What happens when your shoot wraps at 1am," she captioned the picture.

While the model, who favours resistance and boxing training over cardio, says she eats well for the most part, she has also admitted she can get away with more than most of us can.

"Food-wise, I'm very, very lucky that I can eat whatever I want. For me, I've always had a healthy lifestyle. If I eat something that's not fresh, I feel it immediately, so I crave good food," she told OK! Magazine last year. "I crave meat. I grew up on a dairy and beef farm, so I crave that. I don't cut anything out, and I just work out more." 

Equally teensy Victoria's Secret 'Angel' Karlie Kloss also denies cutting anything out.

In fact the 22-year-old has her own range of 'healthy' cookies, which are sold at Momofuku's New York Milk Bar.

She also tells New York Times T Magazine that a disciplined day to day diet wins out over juice cleanses or protein shakes. 

"Healthy diet," she exclaimed when asked which she favours. "It's so important to nurture your body, especially when you're exercising and moving constantly. Your body needs fuel to stay healthy and strong. Nothing can substitute for a balanced diet."

"It's all about moderation-a little bit of everything," said the former professional ballet dancer, who trains five days a week, in a separate interview. "It's also about a healthy balance. It's important not to go crazy-overboard. I mean, I love steak. It's all about moderation. A little taste of everything."

Aussie 'Angel' Miranda Kerr also trolleys out the boring - yet entirely logical - "balance" line when discussing diet.

"I've learnt that if you feed your body with the right nutrients then you feel your best and you can be your best," the mum of one has said.

The 31-year-old yoga and organics devotee is largely sugar and wheat free. Instead she goes gaga for green juices, goji and blue berries, noni juices, almonds, eggs, quinoa and veggies.

But, she is still (we think) human.

She admits to the odd dark chocolate indulgence and to to a passion for her nan's pavlova.

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In fact, she uploaded a pic of home-made pavlova for mother's day in May. For that feat, she got 161,000 'likes'.

Like Swanepoel's followers Kerr's lost their marbles at the implication that one of the world's biggest models is, sort of like a human, partial to the odd treat.

- Sydney Morning Herald


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