Obama's tan suit steals the spotlight

01:23, Aug 29 2014
Barack Obama
SUITED UP: US President Barack Obama's foreign policy statement was somewhat overshadowed by his choice of attire.

When US President Barack Obama holds a news conference to discuss important foreign policy, the world's media is expected to stand up and take notice.

But while his most recent appearance undoubtedly caused a stir, it was his outfit - not his words - that really got people talking.

Instead of bog standard grey, blue or black, Obama made quite the bold sartorial choice and donned a tan suit for the event.

And as soon as he stepped onto the podium, the Twittersphere lit up with love, hate and everything in between.

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While many social media users wanted to drag the discussion back to the more pressing issues at hand, some were more concerned about the cut of his now infamous suit (slightly on the oversized side), and there were even unfavourable comparisons to used car salesmen.


Some relished the fact that, for once, a male politican was under the type of sartorial scrutiny usually reserved for females.

So, are you a fan of Obama's tan fashion statement? Or would you much rather discuss the policy?

“I’ve got some great deals on a preowned Hyundai for you today" pic.twitter.com/zDNfZASEty

Obama vows to defeat whoever made him wear this suit. pic.twitter.com/zoqj7OVFRe

Who gave President Obama that old church suit from my dad's closet?

President Obama is here to sell you tornado insurance pic.twitter.com/RYeWlKAm79

Hey @TimGunn, do you think Obama made it work?

More than 4,000 tweets were posted about Obama's suit during that press conference pic.twitter.com/uyKoUrZlNy

Obama’s tan suit is a signal. We just need to figure out *what he’s trying to tell us*

OH about Obama presser suit buzz: “Is this what it’s like to be a powerful woman?"