Top ten Oscars fashion disasters

23:57, Mar 04 2010
Singer Bjork and US comedian Ellen DeGeneres
1.Singer Bjork takes top honours with her all-in-one swan dress in 2001, which came complete with an egg "handbag" (centre). It was later mocked by US comedian Ellen DeGeneres.
Matt Stone (left) and Trey Parker (right)
4. South Park creators Matt Stone (left) and Trey Parker (right) poked fun at the Oscars affair in 2001, wearing dresses popularised by Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow.
Rachel Griffiths
5. Actress Rachel Griffiths didn't do her 2004 Academy Award ensemble any good after teaming it with a poodle-perm, fake pink fur and two odd pieces of hanging green satin.
2. Cher lived up to her name, wearing a black feathered head-dress for the Oscars in 1986 (left), followed by a skimpy see-through "dress" to pick up her Oscar for Moonstruck in 1988.
Faith Hill
7. Faith Hill's 2002 dress in rainbow of colours can't have left the country singer feeling so bright the next day.
Singer Celine Dion
6.) Canadian singer Celine Dion has a checkered fashion history including her back-to-front Dior suit (left) in 1999 and a frock with an unfortunate hang in 1997.
Jada Pinkett and Melissa George
10. A tie between Jada Pinkett Smith in Lanvin-Castillo (left) in 2002 and Melissa George's 2009 outfit. Pinkett's skirt resembles a curtain, while George's mermaid-ballerina outfit turned heads for the wrong reasons.
Tara Reid
9. Tara Reid arrives at the 2005 Vanity Fair Oscar's party in this electric, blue shocker.
Uma Thurman
8. Uma Thurman looked more milk-maid than chic at the 76th annual Academy Awards in 2004.
Gwyneth Paltrow
3. Gwyneth Paltrow decided to wear a gothic number with a see-through top for the Academy Awards in 2002, leaving too little to the imagination.

The unusually high number of Oscar contenders this year has set off a frenzy in style circles as old and new designers clamour to dress stars for the red carpet - the fashion runway of all fashion runways.

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This year, 10 films instead of five were nominated for best picture - the widest best movie Oscar contest in more than 65 years that will likely load the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood with stars on Sunday (Monday, NZ time).

But while many of Hollywood's finest will shine, some will turn heads for the wrong reason. has raided the photo archives to search for its top ten fashion disasters. Do you agree? What would you nominate?

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