Why you'll be wearing camel

23:07, Feb 28 2011
Why you’ll be wearing camel
Alexandra Owen
Why you’ll be wearing camel
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Why you’ll be wearing camel
Country Road Sleeveless Pullover $169
Why you’ll be wearing camel
David Lawrence
Why you’ll be wearing camel
Huffer 'Bee Bee' Crew, $219
Why you’ll be wearing camel
Louche 'Saga' Pants, $236
Why you’ll be wearing camel
Louis Vuitton
Why you’ll be wearing camel
Madame Hawke
Why you’ll be wearing camel
Now camel trench $39 from Kmart
Why you’ll be wearing camel
Now 'Sloppy Joe' sweater, $12 from Kmart
Why you’ll be wearing camel
Boots $202 from Topshop.com
Why you’ll be wearing camel
When Harry Ran Away 'Southerly Storm Coat' $395 from Harry's (harrysboutique.co.nz)
Why you’ll be wearing camel
Chloe and Michael Kors

Camel. This is a colour you can't escape.

If you are a serious fashionista (which, of course you are) then sometime this season or the next, somehow, you're going to own an item of camel clothing.

Celine, Tommy Hilfiger, Chloe and Michael Kors have all done it, which means you're going to do it too. Even Stella McCartney did it with a teensy sheer scrap of a party dress.

Which is funny, because camel isn't exactly sexy. Say it with me - "Caaaaaamel". Sound hot? Not.

Try its close cousin tan - "Taaaan". No hope.

It's that seventies tone that reminds us of our uncles' tired knits, grandfathers' walking shorts and our mothers' safe low heeled "good" court shoes.


Thankfully it also brings to mind the Grace Kellys of the world; the Audrey Hepburns and that lovely pants-and-flats combo that we can never seem to pull off; and the colour of old money. Not the money itself but the clothing of the crowd who have it.

Yup, without a doubt, you'll go camel. You'll go green with envy as Alexa Chung rocks her tan leather shorts at a Hollywood party, you'll sigh with desperation at Diane Krugers nonchalantly thrown together camel trousers and crisp white shirt, and once you spot the multiplying mass of "classic, timeless" camel coats on the international runways, you'll be a convert for sure.

The thing about it is whatever your style, there's a camel out there for you. But while Carrie Bradshaw did look fabulous atop her camel, you needn't go that far.

It's even for the boys too, the eponymous camel sports jacket is always a safe item to have in your wardrobe, and it just happens to be extra sexy right now.

Same goes with camel trousers, they popped their noses into the just-gone-by summer trends, and are back again for winter, this time marching with heads held high.

Cuff em' with your boat shoes or rough em' with your work boots and socks; they're also grand for the casual office look with brogues and a collared shirt.

Go on, give in, try it out - you know you want to.

When shopping for camel look for clean lines and sharp silhouettes. Leather, cotton, and silk are all good ways to work the trend, as is knitwear - but keep away from acrylic versions.

Other camel items to steer clear of are corduroy pants, synthetic camel fabric (read looks cheap), synthetic camels (because that's just wrong), and anything that smells like a camel.

Unless, of course, you're channelling your inner uncle.