5 fashion pieces to keep for winter

23:13, Mar 08 2012
Cropped trousers
CROPPED TROUSERS Those cropped skinny trousers that you wore with sandals and T-shirts over summer will transition perfectly into the current winter’s crisp prep mood. Make them grown up and sophisticated with pointy toe pumps, silk blouses, layers of knitwear and heavy wool coats.
Cropped trousers
WIDE BELTS Still got your big belts from summer? Good. Use them on the outside layers to haul in your winter coats and give some hard core waist definition. When inside sans coat, try them over jumpers and cardigans.
Cropped trousers
PENCIL SKIRTS Think you’re sick of your pencil skirts? Add a top with a peplum hem and you’ll be instantly rocking one of the most current looks of the new season.
Cropped trousers
METALLIC ACCESSORIES Flashy trends like last season's metallic obsession can be one hit wonders and over even before they've begun. While it may be over for the disco sequins, hold onto your solid metallic pieces and they’ll segue seamlessly into the current modern minimalist trend.
Cropped trousers
WIDE LEG PANTS We told you all about them over a year ago, but back then you were wearing them with a 1970's vibe. This seasons it’s not Bianca Jagger you're channelling, but a fresh and clean mood that is relaxed and unfussed. Wear you wide leg pants with soft cotton T-shirts, slouchy lightweight knits and crisp blazers.

The arrival of a new season often means a clear out of the old, and an open door policy for all that is new.

There are warm coats to be bought, merino knitwear to stock up on, and last winter's boots to be inspected for wear.

As much as we'd all love a brand new wardrobe every season, it's just not feasible for most of us.

Bronwyn Williams gives you some tips on what to keep, to carry you through to the next season.