TV presenter takes aim at women who mocked her outfit

WHAT SHE WAS WEARING: When a fellow diner pulled out her phone to take a photo of Lauren Stardust's outfit, she decided ...
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WHAT SHE WAS WEARING: When a fellow diner pulled out her phone to take a photo of Lauren Stardust's outfit, she decided she'd had enough.

When an Australian TV presenter noticed two women laughing at her outfit at a restaurant, and trying to covertly take pictures, she decided not to take it lying down.

Not only did Lauren Stardust, based in Melbourne, give the women a proper ticking off, she shared her story on Facebook and racked up a whopping amount of social media support in a matter of days.

Her post has notched up more than 100,000 likes, 16,000 shares and nearly 32,000 comments since Saturday, with the vast majority of commenters backing Stardust for her gutsy move, as well as sharing similar experiences. 

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"This is what I was wearing today when two women saw fit to laugh at me in a restaurant while I sat and ordered food with my partner," Stardust wrote, alongside a snap of her in a fluorescent mini dress and trainers. 

"It started with one pointing me out to the other. I watched while the friend 'casually' stretched and turned to face me, her head whipping back around to confirm her shared opinion of what I as wearing. They both began to laugh."

Stardust said she was willing to let the matter go - but then one of the women pulled out a camera phone.

"I got up from my table approached them both and simply asked 'I'm sorry but are you both laughing at me'?" she said.

"They responded that it wasn't the case, but the obviousness of whole facade made the b....... buzzer go off in my head."

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Stardust simply replied "Oh good! I was starting to feel really self conscious!" before making her way back to her table. 

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Though the experience may have felt humiliating, the presenter decided to share her story to highlight how women are so often subjected to a negative critique of their appearance.

"I am fully aware that I dress like I've been f..... by a unicorn," said Stardust, pointing out that she doesn't dress for strangers, she dresses for herself.

"So next time you catch yourself critiquing someone's appearance negatively (In particular, how women dress) maybe try to think instead of why you feel the need to make that horrible assessment?"

We say, at the risk of sounding like we're just trying to keep up with the kids today, you go girl.

So next time you see a fellow supermarket shopper giving you the side-eye for going out in your sweatpants, or a lady scoffing when you pull down your mini skirt while sitting on the bus, remember the immortal words of Taylor Swift - just shake it off.

Have you suffered a similar experience? Tell us about it in a comment below.

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