George Costanza: Original Hipster

AHEAD OF HIS TIME: George Costanza models a hipster staple, the plaid button-down shirt.
AHEAD OF HIS TIME: George Costanza models a hipster staple, the plaid button-down shirt.

George Costanza is as much of an icon in fashion as he is in life. The man who once professed "I would drape myself in velvet if it was socially acceptable" unwittingly paved the path for hipster dressing and we salute him for it.

The Original Accidental Hipster, George Louis Costanza manages to look like he just walked out of Urban Outfitters without ever having been in one.

Though Kramer, with his vintage wardrobe and hipster doofus haircut, was perhaps a more obvious choice for most fashionable cast member, George exudes a certain tossed-together look that in its effortlessness and simplicity, can even out-swagger a lobster shirt.

For every rustling business suit, sable hat and fanny pack George wore, he had some fashion-forward outwear and clever shirting to make up for it.

George's standard attire of plaid button-downs and anoraks (in autumnal shades such as forest green, mustard, burnt orange and brick red) has become a hipster staple, with Stussy, A.P.C. and Adam Kimmell X Carhartt doing their own renditions.

Like today's cool kids, he often pairs his with a cardigan or sweater vest, once even venturing into plaid cardigan territory.

As temperatures drop, George's Gore-Tex coat and pom-pom beanies are no longer laughable options.

Penfield's Summit and Stapleton jackets have been snapped up by style bloggers while brands such as North Face and Patagonia continue to pedal the Gore-Tex trend.

The 90s revival continues with George's Yankees varsity jacket in The Little Kicks, making us nostalgic for our pimply high-school days.

Though he looks far from a bad-ass quarterback, his sartorial hark-back has inspired us to revisit the look with these snazzy versions from Dior's Raf Simons and Alexander McQueen.

We'd also like to point out that George wore his heavy-duty Barbour parka long before Alexa Chung and Peaches Geldof wore theirs to Glastonbury.

Though he may have lived with his parents and styled his hair based on an Andy Sipowicz poster, Old Georgie Boy was undeniably hip - his shiny balding head acting somewhat like a crystal ball for indie clothing trends.

Keeping a wardrobe full of classic separates and Nike Cortez sneakers, Georgie Porgie colour-coded ensembles based on his mood, delivering some truly inspired looks along the way.

There's something so cool about being painfully uncool, and George Costanza is walking, talking, penny-pinching proof of that.

-Daily Life