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THE BEST: This frothy, dusky-pink number by Elie Saab is a fitting choice for the Tokyo premiere of Cinderella. It's princessy, yes, but Lily James doesn't let the dress wear her thanks to a relaxed attitude and simple hair and makeup - those gentle blonde waves are gorge'. The key here is that the skirt isn't full poof: it falls naturally and lets the layers of tulle do all the talking (as they're certainly loud enough).

THE GOOD: This dress would be so wrong on so many, but Nathalie Emmanuel makes it look edgy and effortless rather than too-much thanks to a bold lip colour and an absence of over-posing. The bright yellow Cushnie et Ochs figure-skimmer is bold, brash and a definite eye-catcher, and it's also event appropriate considering she's at the premiere of Furious 7 (at which Vin Diesel wore a white leather jacket. And white pants).

THE GOOD: Ashley Graham is so gorgeous and elegant that she'd make a Kardashian Kollection item look decent, and so chuck her in a classic Vivienne Westwood design and we have pure resplendence. This muted khaki is a wonderful and underutilised colour, and the beautiful dress proves that Westwood - who can go off-piste at times - is the true queen of ruching. And also duchess of the flattering necklne.

THE GOOD: Here's Michelle Rodriguez also wearing a dress by Vivienne Westwood. I love how Michelle has managed to add a touch of her fabulous tomboy edge to this very traditional, very glamorous gown. The only thing I'm not a fan of is how the lace overlay stops mid-calf. But that's nit-picking, as overall this is a full-throttle win. (PS: Call me sentimental, but I snotty cried at the end of Furious 7. The point at which the lights came up and everyone on my row looked at my red face with pity/horror was one of the more mortifying in my life. No regrets though).

THE GOOD: Julia Louis Dreyfus - who's set to take over the Oval Office in Veep soon, can't wait! - looks every inch the goddess that she is in this chartreuse dress. If you say bold yellow-green lace with black detailing it sounds very, very bad - but put it on the queen of deadpan and you have a definite win.

THE GOOD: I haven't seen Outlander (although it involves kilts, hot Scottish men and time travel so I'm bound to love it), but I've long been a fan of its star Catriona Balfe's unapologetically different red-carpet style. This Roland Mouret dress blends overt sexiness (mesh boob action) with a demure Tilda-Cate-covered-up-ness, and I think it really works. While I'm not the hugest fan of the middle-part hair, I'm too focused on that regal purple dress to truly care.

THE BAD: This Stella McCartney jumpsuit is almost a pass - what with Oona Chaplin's general beauty, her wonderful hair (PLAITS!) and an interesting use of a doily up top. But I just can't endorse a country bumpkin jumpsuit that is extra roomy in the crotch area and has billowy trou' that fall at mid-ankle (the width of one's pants should never compete with the length). Mind you, her late grandpa Sir Charlie Chaplin was a definite fan of excessive pant bagginess, so maybe it's just a family thing.

THE BAD: Paris 'Donatella Hair' Hilton channels her future Madame Tussauds wax model in this Charbel Zoe Couture dress. The explosion of sequins over mesh features an unfortunate and not-flattering boob cup design. They're the exact shape of the weird little fillets that come with some badly designed built-in-bra tops. They also, from afar, paint a picture of a creepy face with an ornate beard hovering over Paris' torso. (Oh, and as a special extra treat, in the from-behind shots - which I've saved you from - you can tell the exact colour of thong P-Hil opted for on the day. Delightful.)

THE BAD: The above-belly-button trousers are a definite no, but I'd give the crochet teal a pass if it wasn't for that flimsy, not-quite-a-skivvy neckline. But the real work-of-worst-dressed-art here is Kristen Stewart's 'Fantine-mid-hunger-driven-hair-chop' barnet. (Oh, I've just discovered this is actually a one-piece jumpsuit designed by Self-Portrait. Now all I can focus on is how much of a 'bathroom logistics nightmare' this would be. It makes my bladder flutter with anxiety in sympathy).

THE BAD: Lady Victoria Hervey must be stopping by the red carpet en route to an ad shoot for Carefree in which she'll play the glitzed-up incarnation of a slimline sanitary pad with wings (the bits under her pits). That's the only explanation I can come up with for the designer's decision to give her underarm pads, which are invariably going to do nothing but go crinkly, get stinky and just look generally awkward. Her diamond-frosted butt cheek and hip-flexor however? Stroke of design genius.

THE BAD: What a great idea to blow up a suit jacket so that it can masquerade as a dress while buttoning up at the least-flattering point possible. Add duct tape over your boobs for modesty and find the ultimate in foot-cleavage shoes, et voila, Cassie Scerbo's outfit. I think better decisions could have been made here - although I'm hardly one to judge life decisions considering I On-Demanded multiple episodes of The Bachelor NZ last night while eating an unhealthful amount of leftover Easter eggs after seeing them on special at the dairy. (PS: The bachelor guy lost me the moment he went rogue and leant over and cut into that chick's steak to prove it was medium rare. I don't care how cut your abs are buddy. Never mess with a woman's barbecued protein).

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In this week's red-carpet round-up, the babes of Fast & Furious look sleek, while Kristen Stewart, Paris Hilton and Chaplin's granddaughter slip up.

PS: Are you, like us, crushing on Ashley Graham's gorgeous soft beauty look this week? How does she make tangerine eye shadow look so natural? Find out here.

In this weekly fashion fest we only cover events where celebrities know they'll be snapped and critiqued for their fashion (so no Britney leaving Maccas in her trackies.) Why? Well because all humans - even celebs - should be allowed to look rubbish while packing a Quarter Pounder (testify!).

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