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Witchery autumn/winter

Stella McCartney Lingerie bodysuit, $130

Seed Heritage skirt, $190

Witchery dress, $170

Lonely bra, $90

Juliette Hogan autumn/winter

Lonely Lounge playsuit, $220

Cotton On Body bra, $35

Trelise Cooper shawl, $649

Glassons kimono, $40

Heidi Klum Intimates bra, $120

Witchery pants, $200

Witchery bodysuit, $110

Liam cami, $90

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If you've noticed a woman at work in what appears to be a petticoat, she might be extremely stressed and in need of a holiday. But she might also be following the fashion trend for lingerie-inspired dressing, or, 'underwear as outerwear'.

To avoid causing this kind of confusion yourself, it's best to follow these rules...

- While the look was originally popular in the 90s, it is not okay to wear a torn nightie from your local St Vincent de Paul as it was back then. The aim is understated elegance, so choose camisoles and slips in quality silk or satin and fluid, flattering cuts.

- A small amount of lace detail is fine, but don't go overboard. Heavy weight lace also looks more appropriate than the delicate, frothy stuff.

- Limit yourself to one lingerie-inspired element at a time, and keep the rest of your outfit tailored. Pair a camisole or a bustier with tailored trousers or wear a slip dress under a blazer.

- Lightweight robes and kimonos make a stylish alternative to the cardigan, but be prepared to constantly have to free yourself from hooks and car doors. 

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