Patriotic panties part of undercover campaign for Red Peak flag

Alesia Pochon with the Red Peak underwear she created.

Alesia Pochon with the Red Peak underwear she created.

A Nelson designer has brought the national flag debate up close and personal by creating Red Peak-patterned underwear .

Designer Alesia Pochon has made women's underwear and togs displaying the Red Peak design, and, at her husband's insistence, is starting on a male version.

Pochon believes Red Peak should be the new national flag.

"I just love the design. It's incredibly modern. It encompasses what most New Zealanders stand for"

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She said the peak flag represented our history, encompassing Maori culture as well as capturing our geographical location.  Its simple design worked in many different mediums — on a Facebook page she saw it made into a pavlova.

"Even if it doesn't make the cut (as the next national flag) it will endure as an iconic Kiwi image."

Pochon, who has been making underwear for a year, has used the design in cotton underwear and togs, and is thinking of making it into a two piece.

While currently there are only two versions of the design, Pochon was sure that there will be more to come.

The underwear has created quite a lot of interest online. More than 1400 people have viewed the underwear on her Facebook page, 'Ma Belle Soeur', with 39 shares of the photo.

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Pochon is a designer who makes everything from bags, to wallets, to skirts and tops.

She came to Nelson four years ago from the Marianas Islands in the Pacific, north of Guam. 

She's set up the shop with sister, Yael Pochon.

Ma Belle Soeur's stock, including the Red Peak garments, can be found at the Little Beehive Co-op and also have a stall at the Nelson Saturday Markets.

The public will vote on the Red Peak design in a postal referendum from November 20 when it is up against three silver-fern themed flags and a koru design. The winner of the November referendum will then go up against the current New Zealand flag in another referendum in March.

Red Peak was not on the original final four options for the first referendum but a social media campaign forced a Government rethink, and it changed the legislation to allow its inclusion.


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