Less than boring office wear

01:46, Aug 17 2012
Work wear
(L-R) Marcs shirt, about $169; Diva watch, $34.99; Heels from Overland, $199.90
Work wear
(L-R) Liam Changable Tee, $239, in stores October; Forever New bag, about $59.99; Max skirt, $129.
Work wear
(L-R) Cue jacket, about $420, and pants, about $200; JLH for Jennifer Hawkins heels, about $250 from Styletread.co.nz
Work wear
(L-R) David Lawrence dress, about $230; Liam Decided blazer, $429 from Ruby; David Lawrence dress, about $200
Work wear
(L-R) Kate Sylvester padlock necklace $169 from Preciouspeg.com; Jigsaw jacket, $119.99 from Farmers; La Mia Bellina belt, $39.99 from Farmers
Work wear
(L-R) Max blouse, $149; Pulp Noir heels, $119 from Hannahs; Glassons jacket, $79.99

Wishing you could get more out of your workday wardrobe?

Think outside your cubicle, milk your creativity for all its worth and push your office outfits to the limit with stylish combinations and chic accessories.

Don't be afraid to bring a little colour or texture into the office and make a statement without (hopefully) getting fired.

Add some glam to your typing with a statement cocktail ring or a gorgeous gold watch, and don't forget a pair of great shoes to give you a spring in your step.