Heidi Klum: 'Kiwi men shouldn't be scared of lingerie shopping'

Heidi Klum addresses the crowd gathered for her high tea in Auckland.

Heidi Klum addresses the crowd gathered for her high tea in Auckland.

Heidi Klum has some sage advice for Kiwi men.

During her fleeting visit to Auckland on Tuesday morning to promote her new Bendon Intimates line, the former Victoria's Secret angel said Kiwi men have "nothing to be scared of" when picking out the perfect set for their significant other this Valentine's Day.

"No 1, go into her drawers and look for the size, so you don't get the wrong size," said the Project Runway matriarch.

Heidi Klum says Kiwi men have "nothing to be scared of" when it comes to Valentines Day lingerie shopping.

Heidi Klum says Kiwi men have "nothing to be scared of" when it comes to Valentines Day lingerie shopping.

"Two, I would probably push the envelope a little bit more, and get her something that she doesn't have yet. No 3, stick a rose in there with it."

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Heidi Klum models her first collection for Bendon.

Heidi Klum models her first collection for Bendon.

Klum arrived in Auckland on Tuesday after a series of press commitments throughout Australia. The former supermodel is scheduled to fly back to Sydney on Tuesday night to attend the Zoolander 2 premiere alongside comedian Ben Stiller.

The TV host spent the morning enjoying high tea at Britomart's exclusive Seafarer's Club, dining with a guest list that included the likes of The Bachelor NZ's Matilda Rice and Art Green.

Following in the footsteps of fellow model Elle Macpherson, Klum is the face and creative brains behind her new line of lacy lingerie.

"This is my second year designing my Heidi Klum Intimates line and I'm have been having so much fun," she said. "I have a great design team in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong – these lovely ladies who fly to Los Angeles or New York to come and meet me. We all sit around the table and then I keep on trying on bras. This is how it kind of works.

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"I have all of these beautiful fabrics and lace sent to me – all the newest fabrics that are being presented to all of the different designers," she said. "Everyone is gathering everything, literally. They cut things out and say 'this is a great new material for a strap' – we really play around and it is so much fun."

The supermodel will release her first range of swimwear in New Zealand in July 2016.

"When I'm creating embellishments [for swimwear] I literally super glue all of the pieces on the top and on the bottom, then I send it back to my team and say 'here, make it work'," she said.

"Sometimes they say 'this is too crazy, we can't do this, there's too many pieces,' and I'm saying 'make it work because I love it!'"

After nearly 20 years at the forefront of the international modelling industry, Klum is now a household name. With three television shows, a successful lingerie line and a soon-to-be launched foray into swimwear, the model may have hung up her Victoria's Secret Angel wings, but she certainly isn't slowing down the pace.

"For me, this was a natural fit. In terms of fashion, lingerie and swim was always my main thing. That's what I was known for, for many, many years. I got to try on so many bras and knickers for so many years, so I feel like I do know a thing or two about it," she said.

"I definitely don't know that much about construction. I needed help from the professionals and with Bendon I found that. I'm the ideas person, and they have to actually make it work."

As for her advice to nervous Kiwi blokes considering a visit to Bendon to spoil and romance their significant other? Do your homework ahead of Valentine's Day, says Klum.

"Definitely they should check out the A Corps Perdu set. It's a beautiful one; it's plunging, bright red. It's a winner, for sure. I'm a big believer in more boob, less bra," she said. "Why cover up all that cleavage?"

Heidi Klum Intimates are available exclusively at Bendon Lingerie.

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