Mother responds to sales assistant who told her 13-year-old to wear Spanx

We think you look fabulous, Lexi, and there's no need to listen to that woman.

We think you look fabulous, Lexi, and there's no need to listen to that woman.

From what we remember, being a teenage girl is hard enough without someone telling you your body isn't good enough. 

One mum in the United States has hit back at a shop assistant who told her daughter she needed control underwear. 

Megan and her 13-year-old daughter Lexi were shopping for a school formal when she spotted a long red dress. Lexi didn't love it, but she tried it on for her mum. 

Megan took a quick photo and they prepared to move on, but according to her Facebook post, a sales assistant then got involved. 

It would seem that it's never to early to start making a young girl feel bad about her body. 

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Dear sales lady at Dillard's Towne East Mall, This is my teenage daughter who wanted to try on dresses for an upcoming...

Posted by Megan Naramore Harris on Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Addressing the employee, Megan wrote "You entered and told my daughter she needed to wear SPANX if she wanted to wear this dress."

Megan wasn't impressed, and told her daughter to go and get changed, but according to her post, the woman wasn't done. 

"I told you that she was just fine without SPANX. You continued to argue with me," she wrote. 

While it sounds like the shop assistant was out of line, as Megan points out, there's a larger issue at play than bad manners. 

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"I wish I had told you how many girls suffer from poor self image and telling them they need something to make them perfect can be very damaging.

"Girls of all ages, shapes and sizes are perfect because that is how God made them. If they feel good in a dress, that is all that should matter," she said. 

We'd absolutely agree, and it's lovely to see a mum sticking up for her daughter so passionately. 

"I hope this is shared and gets back to you so that you should not say something like that to a girl ever again," Megan wrote. 

"You never know what negative or positive thoughts they are thinking about themselves."

Megan's post has been shared 58,800 times and liked by 350,000 people, with a host of supportive comments. 

Here's hoping the sales woman in question saw the post and has done some serious thinking about how she speaks to her customers. 

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