5 awkward fashion trends that should go away

Socks with sandals. Just no.

Socks with sandals. Just no.

Everyone has their own style, but sometimes, there are certain clothing items that will make you scratch your head.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and since you're the beholder, it's your call whether these five fashion trends are winners or losers.

1. Socks with sandals

Wearing socks and sandals is a controversial fashion combination and social phenomenon that is discussed in various countries and cultures. It is sometimes considered a fashion faux pas. The footwear combination always ignites a heated debate, with some claiming that the trend goes back to roman times.

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2. Phones with cases that clip to your buckle

A lot of people don't like this phone accessory for many a reason. First of all, it invites anyone to come up and snatch your phone right off your belt, where it sits dangerously on display. Also, if you're wearing a belt, chances are those pants have pockets. Who are you waiting on that you need to answer the phone that quickly anyway?  Inspector gadget, who wants his phone case back? Still, many say it is for safety and easy access.

3. Denim on denim

Some call it the Canadian tuxedo, others call it "unacceptable". This trend is contended because it can very occasionally work very well in some instances but look ghastly in others.

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4. Convertible pants/shorts

Mums everywhere bought a pair of these convertible pants/shorts for their pre-pubescent sons in the '90s, but that's because they were for temperamental children.

5. Foam clogs

Who doesn't want something comfortable and breathable to get around in? Not half the population, seemingly. People mostly seem to have an issue with footwear brand, Crocs, because of their signature, bright coloured rubbers.

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