Liz's pretty in pink challenge

23:21, Oct 23 2012
Liz Hurley in pink
Liz Hurley begins the pink challenge at the launch of the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign in New York City at the beginning of October.
Liz Hurley in pink
Just a week later she pops up in pink again in London, seen here with her bloke Shane Warne and her son Damian.
Liz Hurley in pink
Two days later Liz is still sparkling in pink, this time in Paris.
Liz Hurley in pink
And it's back to the homeland, where Liz meets fans at the Selfridges department store in Manchester.
Liz Hurley in pink
Still in Manchester, Liz lights up Selfridges' Exchange Square pink in support of the campaign.

Elizabeth Hurley likes to be in the pink - particularly when doing her bit for breast cancer awareness - but it's not always easy, even for her.

The former actress turned model, mother, organic farmer and bikini designer has spoken of the difficulties of finding the perfect pink outfits to wear as a spokeswoman for the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Hurley has spent most of October appearing at various events around the world, often accompanied by fiancee Shane Warne.

Hurley's outfits, the results of 'months' of searching have ranged from the eye-popping to the demure.

"Finding great pink dresses can be challenging, as some seasons no one makes pink," she told the latest edition of British magazine Hello! "We start to look months early and grab something when we see it. Some designers are very kind and make dresses especially for me."


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