The top 10 shoes of 2012

01:31, Nov 14 2012
The triangle wedge: Céline
The triangle wedge: Céline.
The cute smoking slipper: Charlotte Olympia
The cute smoking slipper: Charlotte Olympia.
The two strap sandal: Givenchy
The two strap sandal: Givenchy.
The wedge sneaker: Isabel Marant
The wedge sneaker: Isabel Marant.
The pointy pump: Manolo Blahnik
The pointy pump: Manolo Blahnik.
 The designer trainer: Nike
The designer trainer: Nike.
The studded heel: Valentino
The studded heel: Valentino.
The metallic shoe: Alexander Wang
The metallic shoe: Alexander Wang.
The cut out heel: Alexander Wang
The cut out heel: Alexander Wang.
The block platform heel: Céline.
The block platform heel: Céline.

So far, 2012 has seen the return of the kitten heel, the wedge sneaker craze and the chunky platform heel. We take a look back at the year's most influential shoes.

THE TRIANGLE WEDGE: When Céline's triangle heel arrived on the runways, we breathed a sigh of relief. Here was a heel that was sturdy, comfortable and trendy. The genius heel style has since popped up in sandal, round to and boot  versions on the high street. 

THE CUTE SMOKING SLIPPER: Thanks to Charlotte Olympia, the traditional gentleman's slipper is no longer relegated to posh blokes in stately homes. Since Olympia's sell-out style hit stores, we've seen foxes, pirate skulls and all manner of goofy imagery adorn the slippers of countless other brands. 

THE TWO-STRAP SANDAL: The arrival of this minimal style caused a fashion stampede for the Givenchy design. The crisp and simple style was a nice change from the chunky footwear circulating at the time. 

THE WEDGE SNEAKER: Isabel Marant's skate-inspired sneaker had wait-lists miles long after it was spotted on Miranda Kerr, Gisele Bünchen and Beyonce. While the combination of wedge heel and casual shoe is nothing new, the comfort and slouchiness of Marant's design made it an instant hit.

THE POINTY PUMP: This simple silhouette may seem like it's been around forever, but this classic design only recently returned to the spotlight after Manolo Blahnik remade it into a hit. 


THE DESIGNER TRAINER: Not a designer label in the Paris runway sense of the word, but 2012 saw the Nike Free Run become just as coveted as any pair of Manolo's. The fashion set took the cleverly designed running shoes and teamed them with their leather trousers and designer handbags.

THE STUDDED HEEL: Before this shoe arrived on the scene, studs were only for lovers of tough and grungy fashion. Valentino's application of studs onto blush pink kitten heels took the stud image into a whole new dimension. Mixed with the ballet-inspired shoe they gave it a soft and slighty cheeky edge. Studs will never be the same again.  

THE METALLIC SHOE: Metallics may have been hot in clothing well before the arrival of this shoe, but it was Alexander Wang who made the metallic shoe an 'It' item. The popularity of this tassled heeled loafer cemented metallics' place as one of 2012's key trends.

THE CUT-OUT HEEL: Another one of Alexander Wang's great masterpieces, this simple design proved flattering of every foot, and emerged as a hit style everywhere from Zara to Country Road. 

THE BLOCK PLATFORM HEEL: Another one of Céline's brick-like clomper designs proved a hit for its heavyweight comfort factor. The wide ankle strap and solid platform base has inspired other brands' shoe styles for the next season.