Your style guide to dating

Last updated 10:35 16/11/2012

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It's date night but what are you going to wear?

Don't panic, here are six date-worthy outfits to get you looking hot for the best of occasions - and the worst.  

The surprise date:
These are always the trickiest dates to dress for, because as romantic as he thinks he's being, you never quite know what to wear. You need an outfit that will suit most situations you could end up in. Long trousers are a safe bet, but make sure they have stretch in case you end up doing something active. Wedge heels are smart enough to wear if you're going out for dinner, but have a sturdy enough heel in case you end up traipsing about a park. A leather jacket will keep you warm if it's outdoors or the weather turns, and it can be seen as both dressy and casual. Take a casual hold-all that can store extra jumpers, but can be shoved under the table if you end up in a five star restaurant.   

The anniversary date:
It's practically mandatory that you don a special gown for an event like this, so go all out. Wear understated but special jewellery - you want to mark the occasion but you don't want to compete with anything he might give you (hint). Choose classic black strappy heels that are likely to be admired later, and a very small and glamorous clutch to hold the essentials. With any luck he'll be paying so you won't need your wallet.

The first date:
First impressions are pretty vital where first dates are concerned. A skirt states that you have a sense of style and a simple heeled sandal gives your legs a bit of lovely length. With your legs on display you don't want to show off too much more skin, so this relaxed fit singlet teamed with a blazer will cover you up just enough. Until it's time to flirt that is, and then you can give him a bit of shoulder.

The at home date:
Tuck the heels and party dress to the back of the closet, this is the time to work the "relaxed casual" look. Think a modern Audrey Hepburn here ladies - skinny fit pants, a piece of fine knitwear and casual flats. Naval slippers add a touch of quirk and a necklace gives a bit of glam without being over the top. And underneath? Wear you best knickers, just in case.

The picnic date:
The picnic date is an opportunity to show your fun and feminine side. Try a sweet and cute dress that is floaty enough to hind your bum when your sit on that picnic rug. Choose glammed up sandals for a bit of a difference and a casual satchel to hold snacks and serviettes. A long-line cardigan will keep the chill off if the wind picks up.

The break-up date:
We hate to talk about it, but sometimes it just has to happen. Letting the poor bloke down can be hard enough, so don't make it harder by wearing anything too sexy or revealing. Opt for the stylish option instead with a billowy dress that covers the important bits, a piece of statement jewellery and a pair of kick-ass shoes so you'll forever stay in his memory as "the cool trendy one".

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