Trend report: Overalls are back

00:10, Nov 27 2012
jumpsuits 1
The new-look all-in-ones, as shown in the 3.1 Philip Lim resort 2013 and spring 2013 collections.
jumpsuits 2
Jumpsuits by Michael Kors, $358 from Net-a-porter, and Ruby, $399.
jumpsuits 3
Jumpsuits from $90, and Max, $59.
jumpsuits 4
Jumpsuits from Turet Knuferman $285, and Helen Cherry, $685.

Be afraid, be very afraid: overalls are back in fashion. Whether you're horrified or excited by this news, there's no denying the fast-growing popularity of the all-in-one.

This time round though we're not talking denim butt-saggers, but their more glamorous cousin. Slim-fitting jumpsuits in luxury fabrics are proving to be a great option for evening wear - they're different, easy to wear and (in this classy version) flattering.

When shopping for overalls look for a style that fits like your trousers would fit in the hips and bottom, and is the correct height in the torso. If you're taller or shorter than average, then look for styles with adjustable straps to fit the length of your body.

Dressy overalls can be worn on their own or over the top of a sheer blouse or embellished shirt. Mix up your look with the addition of belts and brooches - perfect for the party season. 

Will you be brave enough to wear them?