Premiere best and worst dressed

09:23, Nov 28 2012
Cate Blanchett at Hobbit premiere
Cate Blanchett, who plays Galadriel, at the premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in Wellington.
James Cameron and wife Suzy Amis at Hobbit premiere
Director James Cameron and wife Suzy Amis at the premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in Wellington.
Sylvester McCoy at Hobbit premiere
Sylvester McCoy, who plays wizard Radagast the Brown, at the premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in Wellington.
Hugo Weaving at Hobbit premiere
Hugo Weaving, who plays Elrond, at the premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in Wellington. Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown is in the background.
y at The Hobbit premiere
SPIFFY: John Key went for a mint green bow tie.
John Callen and Mark Hadlow
John Callen (left) went against tradition but looked dashing. Whereas Mark Hadlow (right) didn't fare so well in his pin striped suit.

There was a lack of glamorous gowns on the red carpet for The Hobbit premiere, but perhaps because most of the cast and crew were men.

It seemed the international stars had toned it down for the Kiwi crowd – perhaps they viewed the Wellington premiere as a breath of fresh air from the usual glammed-up Hollywood events. 


Samantha Hayes

The best dressed award for the premiere goes not to one of the actors but to one of the media crew.

TV3 presenter Samantha Hayes outshone most of the female stars with a Georgia Alice white gown and stunning drop earrings, and she wasn’t even on the carpet, but standing in the sidelines.

Suzy Amis-Cameron

James Cameron’s wife Suzy took out the chic award for an utterly simple ensemble of a perfectly cut white pant suit and matching top. With her hair worn out and loose, she couldn’t have dressed more perfectly for the summery outdoor occasion.

John Callen


John Callen may not have been dressed in the most traditional of red carpet outfits, but he certainly got my thumbs up for individuality.

The Oin actor looked like a bohemian poet with a hat, scarf, red suede shoes and a pair of fabulous brooches. Who said blokes can’t accessorise?


Sylvester McCoy

Sylvester McCoy was his wonderfully quirky self, and though his outfit choice wasn’t exactly fashionable, it was interesting. With a mad astrological print blazer, he looked a bit spaced out. 

Hugo Weaving

His ensemble wasn’t anything to note, but the Elrond actor is well worth mentioning. Fifty two years old and he’s looking as dishy as ever.

Cate Blanchett

While she did look lovely, her dress didn’t rock my socks off. I suppose she felt she should dress down for New Zealand, but really Cate, we wish you’d have tried a bit harder – it’s not very often we Kiwis get to meet you in the flesh.


Royd Tolkien

We love Royd Tolkien for his bloodline, but I really didn't jive with his outfit. Tolkien looked like a greased-up tennis player with slicked gelled hair held back with a hairband, and an equally slimy-looking satin lapel on his suit. You would have thought someone with a literature background would have more classical taste.

Mark Hadlow

Sorry buddy, but in that pin striped suit and red tie you just looked like a caricature of a banker.

John Key

While I didn’t expect him to take out the best dressed prize I didn't think I’d see him placed here. John, I’m sorry, but mint green on black is a total eyesore. If you must wear the hue then take a tip from Martin Freeman and soften the harshness of the look with similar shades like lemon yellow or grey.

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