Celebs show their backsides

22:55, Dec 11 2012
Backless dress 1
Anne Hathaway shows off her post-oatmeal paste diet body at the premiere of Les Miserables.
Backless dress 2
Actress Helen McCrory leans into the backless look at the London Film Festival Awards.
Backless dress 3
Nicole Richie goes for the Great Gatsby look - with added angel tattoos.
Backless dress 4
Emily Blunt turns her back on the Harper's Bazaar Woman Of The Year Awards.
backless dress 5
Dakota Fanning keeps it seemly at the Twilight: Breaking Dawn premiere.
backless dress 6
Rosamunde Pike grins and bares her shoulder blades.
backless dress 7
Singer Mayra Veronica arrives at the 2012 Latin Recording Academy Person Of The Year bash in Las Vegas.
backless dress 8
And the prize for best back goes to... Jessica Biel.
backless dress 9
Pint-sized actress Kristin Chenoweth goes for gold in this scoop-backed number.
backless dress 10
Kristen Stewart in an outfit that's eyecatching from both sides.

After a year of red carpet gowns of every shade, length and style, it seems the backless gown is having a moment.

Celebs and their stylists have obviously decided a backless dress is the best way to show off those uber-toned back muscles and ensure the flash bulbs keep popping after they've passed the photographers' pit.

Who do you think wears the look well, and who should cover up?