2012's best and worst dressed

01:58, Dec 13 2012
2012: best dressed
Emma Stone.
2012: best dressed
2012: best dressed
Mara Rooney.
2012: best dressed
Solange Knowles.
2012: best dressed
Michelle Obama.
2012: best dressed
Taylor Swift.

It was a year of some really fabulous fashion, and some really nasty stuff. From shopping mall appearances to the Met Gala, Bronwyn Williams rates who got it right, and who got it all horribly wrong.

The Best:

Emma Stone
The seemingly mousy starlet blew the fashion critiques away this year, bringing out banging outfits time after time from January right up until December.

Rooney Mara
The actress catapulted into public consciousness after her dramatic transformation for her role in Dragon Tattoo, but it was what she wore after that really impressed us. Holding onto the quirky dark crop, Mara wore stunning red carpet gowns in a way we'd never seen before, and restarted the trend for super-short fringes - a look that was seen afterwards in numerous fashion editorials, catwalk shows and ad campaigns.

Solange Knowles
This kooky diva seems determined not to be overshadowed by her sister, particularly in the style stakes. Knowles had fun with fashion this year and continuously pushed boundaries with bold prints, interesting silhouettes and shockingly bold colours.

Taylor Swift
You may not like her music, but there's no denying this singing starlet has blossomed in the last year. 2012 was Swift's year, as she transformed herself from a cowboy boot-wearing country bumpkin into a flawless fashionista, proving you can still retain your country roots - just not in your boots.

Michelle Obama
While attention may have slipped from the president's wife since a certin Ms Middleton got hitched, she still takes out top marks for her fantastic fashion choices and her ability to dress to flatter her figure. Sorry Kate, but you're a little too safe for our liking.

Honourable Mentions:

You have to hand it to Rihanna for her imaginative and interesting outfit choices. With such transformations of hair and style you can't expect her to nail it every single time. She's had so many reinventions and still so young - could she be the new Madonna?

The Worst:

Rita Ora
She may be wildly successful with her music career, but Rita Ora isn't getting any awards for style this year. The star's aim seems to be shock factor over chic factor, and her willy-nilly style leaps from ludicrous high fashion to sloppy hip-hop and back again without warning. Sorry Rita, but Rihanna can't be mimicked.

This singer's style is about as tasteful as her lyrics. There isn't an ounce of class in the girl, who seems so intent on shocking that she fails to realise that her butt is hanging out of her shorts.

Katie price
She may not be Jordan anymore, but Katie Price's particular sense of style hasn't changed since her glamour model days. The buxom brunette (for now) has a penchant for frosted lip-gloss, shiny fabrics and leaving very little to the imagination.

Christina Aguilera
For a wee minute back there Christina had style. Another victim of dramatic transformations, the singer took home many best dressed prizes in her "Flapper bombshell" phase, but sadly has now fallen back into the style of her "Dirrty" days.     

Kristen Stewart
I don't care if you're wearing the latest Balenciaga gown or a rubbish sack, if you've got a bad attitude then nothing will ever look good on you. Smile, Kristen, sulking isn't attractive.


2012: Worst dressed
Katie Price.
2012: Worst dressed
2012: Worst dressed
Christina Aguilera.
2012: Worst dressed
Kristen Stewart.
2012: Worst dressed
Nicki Minaj.
2012: Worst dressed
Rita Ora.