What to buy in the summer sales

Last updated 05:00 18/12/2012
Your Boxing Day sale guide
What to avoid: Floral prints.

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We all love a bargain, and the Boxing Day sales are fantastic for getting a good deal. More often than not though we get swept up in the excitement of the sale and come home with garments that we never end up wearing. Items that look fab now will often be tossed to the back of the closet when the fad crawls over into the inevitable "uncool" territory.

Everyone's scooped up a pair of harem pants in a sale for $20 only to find them blacklisted on the fashion blogs the following week. Avoid fast fashion and trends on their way out, and instead choose items with longevity that will see you well into the next season. Here's what to look for and what to avoid.


Floral prints: We've seen the floral prints everywhere already this summer and to be brutually honest, we're tired of them. From modern digi flowers to dark and moody bouquets and traditional girly posies, the floral trend has bloomed already. If it has flowers on it, avoid.

Aztec prints: Here's a good rule of thumb - if we're gaga over it now, we'll probably be over it by tomorrow. Aztec prints are fun if they're cheap, but spending a lot on a tribal beat will be a waste - it'll only last a beat. 

Neon necklaces: Here's another rule - if it's already in the cheap chain stores then the trend is over. Right now you can spot them in Diva, Glassons, Lovisa and just about every other affordable fashion store. Give them a miss.

Neon anything: Actually, you may as well stay away from all things neon. Sports chic has had its fashion moment and now it's time to let the big sportswear labels take it back.

Wedge sneakers:  Like J Lo's high heeled Timberland boots, wedge sneakers were only ever going to be a five minute trend, and it's just about over.  

Pastel coloured jeans: The trend for pastel recently flooded into denim, and thankfully the undeniably unflattering moment was short-lived. Like the candy-coloured Lee Super Tubes in the mid 2000s, this is a trend with a very short shelf life. 


Tailoring: Tailoring never goes out of fashion. Scoop up a well cut blazer and it'll not only take you through the seasons, but through the years as well.

Crisp shirts: Like tailoring, a crisp shirt is one of those classic and versatile pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Pick it in a hue you like (although white is always a great option), and wear it to work, with jeans in the weekend, and dressed up with sleek pants and heels for an evening out.

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Midi skirts: There was a craze for mid-length skirts a wee while back, and though it might not be what we're gagging for right this second, they're well worth keeping in your closet. Midi length skirts are not only a great office option, they also tie in well to the new ladylike trend, and can be easily dressed up elegantly for evening.

Geometric prints: Geometric prints haven't gained momentum yet. They're still only in first gear and we can promise a few months more wear in them at least. 

Leather: And you thought that leather trouser trend was a fad? Leather trousers have made themselves at home and are now deemed as a classic wardrobe staple of many fashionistas.

Chambray shirts: The popularity of this lightweight summer casual is usually shortlived and seasonal, but a recent love for all things western sees this trend get a bit more mileage. Buy now and wear into winter with matching denim, cowboyish detailing and buttery soft tan leather. 

Single strap sandals: Their recent resurgence saw every celebrity we know and love wear a pair, and there's now a pair to be found in most major shoe stores. You'd think a trend that grew this fast would be over in a minute, but the simplicity of these beautifully basic heels is what will make them last the distance. 

Monochromatic: Scrap the neons and the wishy washy florals, but fill up your shopping trolley with monochromatic garments. The graphic black and white colourway emerged in the geometric trend, but has found further traction in the latest craze for 60s-inspired fashion as reimagined by Marc Jacobs. 

Ruffles: Hold onto your girly fluff, and keep your peepers out for more - flouncy 80s ruffles are back in fashion. Next winter will see ruffled details on jackets, tops and skirts, and dresses made entirely out of the dramatic dancing stuff.

What are you holding out to buy in the sales?

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