What to wear: Wide shoulders

21:21, Jan 27 2013
Wide shoulders Max top
Deep V necks break up the width of the chest. Deep V top, $139 from Marcs.
wide shoulders michael kors
Embellishments draw the eye to the centre of the body. Kors by Michael Kors jacket, $500 at Netaporter.com.
wide shoulders downward fade
Tops with darker bottom sections draw the eye downwards. Embellished kaftan, $99; stripe singlet, $39; both from Forever New.
wide shoulder peplum
Peplum tops add volume lower down to balance a wide upper body. Lace peplum top, $49 from Max.
Storm halter top
Show off strong shoulders with a halter neck. Mustard chiffon halter, $169 from Storm.
layering for wide shoulders
Clever layering can visually reduce width. Ted Baker cardigan, $100; white T-shirt, $60 from Topshop.com.

Got swimmers' shoulders and not sure what to wear? Here are six great tops to work for your shape.

THE EMBELLISHED FRONT CARDIGAN: While people with wide shoulders should avoid cardigans with embellished shoulders, embellishment down the front of the top will draw the eye inwards and away from your shoulders. For a flattering trick wear a lighter coloured top underneath your cardigan. The flash of white peeking out the bottom of your black cardi will draw the eye downward and further flatter your physique.

THE PEPLUM TOP: If you haven't got into them yet, you need to. Peplum tops add volume to the bottom of the torso and balance out a top heavy silhouette.

THE V NECK: Deep V necks break up the chest. Wrap tops are also a dream for wide shoulders for the same reason.

THE DOWNWARD FADE: Look for tops that have action happening lower down, as this draws the eye down and away from your shoulder width. Same goes for the stripes.

LAYERED TOPS: You can visually halve the width of your body with clever layering of colour. Wear a light top beneath a darker drape cardigan. It will make your body look only as wide as the white top showing. The falling drape of the cardigan worn loose will also draw the eye downward.

THE HALTER TOP: Having wide shoulders doesn't have to mean always covering them up. If you have beautiful strong shoulders then make them a feature with a halter top. Choose a style that flows out from the bust to balance out your silhouette.