Oscars fashion boobs

20:07, Feb 25 2013
Helena Bonham Carter
You have to hand it to Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton, they never fail to look like they've tumbled out of bed and on to the red carpet.
Melissa McCarthy
The award for scariest hair goes to... Melissa McCarthy. Plus, she's got something in her teeth!
Eve Stewart
Did we miss the memo about lace cats' ears being a red carpet must-have? Production designer Eve Stewart obviously fell for the joke.
Heidi Klum
For further proof of how bad Heidi's dress is, check out this pretty side view.
Heidi Klum
And when even Elton John looks good next to you, you know it's been a bad night.
Mena Suvari
Mena Suvari is young, blonde and beautiful. So why did she turn up in her dressing gown?
Amanda Seyfried
How on earth could a slender waif like Amanda Seyfried end up with back fat? Sack the stylist!
Rose McGowan
Um, Rose McGowan, that whole Angelina's right leg thing is really over. And your hair really needs some work.
Liberty Ross
Actress Liberty Ross... we don't know quite what to say.
Heidi Klum
We get it, Heidi. You're gorgeous, you have an amazing figure and you're single. But do you have to look so desperate?
Brandi Glanville
Real Housewife Brandi Glanville appears to be not all real.

They have armies of stylists to make sure every hair is in place and the fashion gurus of the world lining up to lend them clothes and accessories worth thousands of dollars.

So how come some attendees at the Oscars got it so wrong?

Check out our wall of shame - who do you think deserves an award for the biggest fashion fail?