Trend report: Cutting edge cut-outs

16:00, Mar 25 2013
Trend Report: Cut-Outs
1. Shakuhachi sweat-dress, $139 from Good as Gold.
Trend Report: Cut-Outs
2. Turquoise dress, $69 from Ruby.
Trend Report: Cut-Outs
3. Finders Keepers dress, $129 from Good as Gold.
Trend Report: Cut-Outs
4. Fishtail maxi, $60 from
Trend Report: Cut-Outs
5. Yellow midriff cut-out, $120 from Topshop.
Trend Report: Cut-Outs
6. Black flirty dress, $9.99 from The Warehouse.
Trend Report: Cut-Outs
7. Maurie & Eve jersey dress, $199 from Superette.
Trend Report: Cut-Outs
8. Red dress, $49.99 from Glassons.
Trend Report: Cut-Outs
9. Jasmine tie-dye T-shirt dress, $40 from

Just when you thought belly flashing in the name of fashion was over, cut-out dresses are back on the runway.

Cut-out dresses (or cut-outs on any garment for that matter) are a delicate subject. They can easily be done wrong, meaning they're mentally associated with the back-of-the-store, can't-be-sold stock, sitting alongside scratchy faux fur and lycra leggings.

But baring some bits and covering others can make for interesting evening wear.

We're not talking all-over near-nudity here: to tastefully do the cut-out one must choose the section one wants to expose.

Wearing long sleeves and a high neck? Why not expose a small sliver of back?

Hint at a toned waistline with a slash around a rib, but cover up the rest.

Or how about a Jolie-like leg split to show off a sexy pin?

You need not bare skin if you're not up to it either; a contrasting singlet underneath a cut-out dress will show through the gaps and add interest to an outfit.