Snap-pants might be making a return, with a little help from Kim Kardashian

Kim K shows off her snap-pants.

Kim K shows off her snap-pants.

Love her or hate her, few would have the temerity to deny that Kim Kardashian is on the cutting edge of fashion.

Which it is why we were so surprised when we opened up snapchat to see her wearing... snap-pants?

Yes. Those snap-pants.

Snap-pants, also known as 'tear away pants' or 'poppers', were a hallmark of 90's playgrounds and basketball courts before falling out of favour.
Kim Kardashian surprised us all when she wore 90s throwback snap-pants with a fishnet accompaniment.

Kim Kardashian surprised us all when she wore 90s throwback snap-pants with a fishnet accompaniment.

This is possibly due to their tendency to make "pantsing", in which an unsuspecting wearer is stripped of their trousers, much easier. Did we mention they were favoured by children?

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But, in fairness, there's a lot to recommend them: They're comfortable, they allow the breeze to flow through previously enclosed environs, and crucially for slobs like us they make the awkward jean-removal dance a thing of the past. Fashion-wise, they're conducive to tantalising glimmers of leg and structurally fascinating.

So could a resurgence be on the way? They are, literally, in vogue, but will they catch on among those of us who don't sport year-long legs and optimal physiques?

Or perhaps just a wreck.

According to Barney Wheres, who works at Emporium Vintage Boutique - a store which specialises in vintage American clothes -- "quietly there's always a resurgence in snap-pants ... I have a pair at home.

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According to Barney, the store has recently sold out of the item.
"We had about five pairs and they were gone just like that. They're hot property, especially the original ADIDAS ones."
"The people love snap-pants."

While at the moment they're predominantly available second-hand, designers like Nili Lotan and Maison Margiela have included the garment in their newest lines.

Adidas have been approached for comment about the potential of re-introducing them into their line.
90s fashion aficionados, or those who want to reclaim the heyday of Middle School, should watch this space.

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