Top 10 looks of Wellington Fashion Week

02:17, Apr 08 2013
Deryn Schmidt
Deryn Schmit velvet Abode pant, $349.
Guggenheim Dress
WORLD Guggenheim dress, $789.
Moochi Liquid Maxi dress, $349.99.
State of Grace Gold Brocade
State Of Grace Renaissance dress, $459.
State of Grace orange
State of Grace Flame dress, $379.
Hailwood poncho
Hailwood quilted velvet poncho, $279.
Mondegreen jacket
Mondegreen Roll Up jacket (in Harlequin Rose print), $389.
Starfish scarf
Starfish In-a-Bind scarf, $149.
WORLD rabbit throw
WORLD twin fur collar, POA.
Vaughan Geeson
Vaughan Geeson Spicer cardigan, $230.

What's the difference between a fashion trade show and a public show? Whether or not you understand or care, the great thing about Wellington Fashion Week is that you can get most of what was shown on the runway last week in stores right now.

Here are our 10 favourite looks from the catwalk shows for this winter.

1. Starfish In-a-Bind scarf, $149: We're not saying there aren't any number of actual garments to love in Laurie Foon's 'Queen of Extreme' collection this season - but these long scarves are just outstanding, especially given that they are made from upcycled wool knits that Laurie and her team collect on their travels around Wellington.  Colour, texture, whimsy and warmth - Starfish's long scarves have it all.

2. Vaughan Geeson Spicer cardigan, $230: Vaughan Geeson's super-fine wool blend knits offer that essential light-yet-warm layer, with a cheery star print to combat winter's gloomy days.  If you can't get your head around the orange, there are black/grey combos too.

3. Hailwood quilted velvet poncho, $279: We love it when Adrian Hailwood - originally a graphic designer and creator of many a fab T-shirt - plays in the sportswear realm.  This quilted velvet poncho is a nod to the '70s New York inspirations of Hailwood's collections.

4. Mondegreen Roll Up jacket, $389: Bombers are everywhere this winter and most seem to be in quilted plains - so you will make a refreshing sports/luxe statement with Mondegreen's print version in silk.

5. Moochi Liquid Maxi dress, $349.99: This high necked, sport back maxi dress with a printed silk panel has a secret button underneath to lift and twist the hemline. Moochi have rendered reliable, effective black, striking and individual.

6. State of Grace Renaissance Dress, $459: You know an 'editorial' piece that you'll see in the glossies when everyone in the front row suddenly sits up. This gold on black tafetta had everyone's attention at State of Grace's show.

7. WORLD fur collar $399 and twin fur collar (POA): Winter styles are often lightweight or even sleeveless these days.  You can pop your spencer or your merino underneath, but for glamour and gorgeousness how about a South Island rabbit fur collar? They come in grey or brown, or amazing colours as pictured - but the latter are special order only "because they are difficult to create," explains designer Benny Castles.

8. Deryn Schmidt velvet Abode pant, $349: Seems there's no escaping an ankle grazing trouser this season, and we have it on good advice that Deryn Schmidt's high waisted number is a great fit.  Wellington stylist and TV personality Samantha Hannah confesses to owing five pairs of Deryn Schmidt pants - quite an endorsement.

9. State of Grace Flame Dress, $379: Wellington Fashion Week cameras loved the simplicity of this floor length shift in an incandescent red, with velvet on the bodice and drapey viscose for the skirt. We have two words for you:  ball season.

10. WORLD Guggenheim Dress $789: This tasteful cocktail frock packs quite the fashion punch. First, there are multiple textures and tones: a grey knit skirt; silver sequinned banding, and a black silk bodice. Then there is the bodice detail - large folded pleats that run somewhat architecturally right round the body - hence the 'Guggenheim' name. And thirdly there's the drop-dead gorgeous back for those who like their 'sexy' sophisticated. But wait, there's more! The neat skirt will ensure shape with not a skerrick of extra volume, while the drapey bodice and little sleeve flatter your good bits. And if your Guggenheim dress doesn't fit you perfectly - as is imperative with a special occasion dress - WORLD will tailor it to your proportions.