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JULIA'S WORST: The lesson here is that an overwhelming pattern is best deployed in a more low-key cut. Julia is swamped, Michelle looks great. The other lesson from this trip to Port Douglas is that the n-word is literally never OK for a white person to say, just while we're here.

JULIA'S BEST: You always look better when you're not trying too hard, and this simple red shift dress looks super chic on Julia (especially once she ditched the stripy fur jacket she was initially wearing over the top). This outfit was from the notorious 'sex toy' party at her Matakana country estate, so although the outfit adheres to the less-is-more principle, her conversation did not. (TMI and TTH Julia!)

GILDA'S WORST: God this is stressful. Don't get us wrong, Kirkpatrick is a queen and someone we'd truly love to get on the wines with, but this shirt goes against God. That very purple eyeshadow, while it would be very cute in a different context, is not helping. The cruelest thing here is that since this is her piece to camera look, we see it every few minutes. Sometimes bad clothes happen to excellent (multi-talented, hilarious and beautiful) people.

GILDA'S BEST: Let's face it, she looks great in almost every scene, so we've just plucked this one out as an instructional guide. Everyone's dressed as a feline at this party, but she ups the ante with diamante cat's ears and doesn't get too costume-y with the rest of the ensemble. The massive cocktail ring, bad-ass gold choker and burgundy manicure is all just par for the course. Well played, as always.

ANGELA'S WORST: The real antihero here is the theme of the event. This picture is from Anne's pussy party, a phrase we hope to never read or write again. Angela's on the bottom of the heap here because she was wearing basically the same thing as Julia. Better luck next time, Stone.

ANGELA'S BEST: This is from a publicity still for the show rather than an on-screen moment, but it's a bit of a wow moment for Ange. This silver sparkly mini dress shows off her killer legs and the nude pumps (so Kate Middleton) are the perfect complement.

MICHELLE'S WORST: Like Gilda, Michelle never looks bad so we've scraped the bottom of the barrel with this action shot from a hip-hop dance class. Michelle in flats?! The horror. At least we an be assured they are designer though.

MICHELLE'S BEST: The thing with former models is they never stop looking amazing in clothes. Blanchard's turban and cover-up combo is dead on, and we respect the hell out of anyone who can wear red lipstick with swimwear. Love the sky blue manicure. What a babe.

ANNE'S WORST: When this testimonial look first flashed up on our screens, we were momentarily convinced Anne had been caught short in her undies, and wasn't quite ready for her closeup. We're pretty sure this is actually a dress, or at the least some sort of bustier top, but because of the unfortunate cropping it resembles a matching lingerie set from the Bras N Things bargain bin. A bit of a sleeve would not have gone astray, Anne, but perhaps the cats shredded the rest of this bedazzled garment.

ANNE'S BEST: Anne Batley Burton's 'pussy party' look is not for the faint-hearted. But you have to hand it to her - what other over-40 (over 50?) socialite could pull off nude mesh inserts, leopard print and a mermaid hemline? This Roberto Cavalli-type number was probably designed for a teenage supermodel to wear on a tycoon's yacht, but that's no matter to Anne, who takes it in stride.

LOUISE'S WORST: Not a terrible look, but a bit mother-of-the bride and we know Lou can do so much better. The hot pink floral is a tad matronly when teamed with the dinky earrings, and that lolly pink lippy makes the whole look very 80s. It's too Remuera, and we feel like Louise should be more Ponsonby - or at the very least, Parnell.

LOUISE'S BEST: Love the authoritative power of a crisp white jacket, and this one subtly reminds us of her TV presenter glory days while still hinting that the best is yet to come. White's also a great colour to wear when your castmates are discussing sex toys, as it gives you a more angelic aura, distancing you from their smutty attention-seeking antics.

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It's been probably New Zealand's best ever season of reality TV, and some of the looks have been pretty fabulous too.
Bravo NZ

It's been probably New Zealand's best ever season of reality TV, and some of the looks have been pretty fabulous too.

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