2016's top fashion trends in review

One major trend for 2016? Musicians like Rihanna, Beyonce and Kanye West making athleisure clothing.

One major trend for 2016? Musicians like Rihanna, Beyonce and Kanye West making athleisure clothing.

As the year draws to a close, join me for a look back at the highs and lows of 2016's fashion trends. 

Remember, you don't have to opt in to any of them if you don't want to. 


​I'm not acting like this began in 2016, but you can't talk about the year's biggest looks without thinking about Rihanna's collaboration with Puma and Kanye West's ongoing Yeezy seasons. 

Naomi Campbell modelled for Fenty X Puma. It was major, and Rihanna said "if the Addams Family was working out, this is what they would be wearing." I'm sold - especially on those burgundy velvet creepers. 

While we're thinking musicians and activewear though, how about Beyonce? In May, the singer launched a line with Topshop called Ivy Park, and worldwide, gym sessions got a little bit fancier. 

There's no shame in wearing this stuff on the street, as long as you style it right (or have a sense of humour about it.)


For footwear this year the statement pieces went either low or high. In terms of flats, no one could go past Gucci's furry mules (the satin version was also a winner) or their multitude of imitators. 

The Gucci mules and Yeezy sock boots we've been seeing a lot of this year.

The Gucci mules and Yeezy sock boots we've been seeing a lot of this year.

Fair enough, really. Who among us is really spending US$1095 (NZ$1536) on a pair of flats? 

Pantone name two colours of the year
* Q&A: Rihanna on her line with Puma 
Kanye launches 'unpretentious' line of clothes


At the other end of the heel-height scale the Yeezy block heel boots, which feature a stacked heel and a knit upper. If you follow stylist Monica Rose on Instagram (she works with the Kardashians, the Hadids and Chrissy Teigen) you've seen these everywhere. 


Or rose quartz, according to Pantone (they named this pale pink one of their colours of 2016). Whatever you call it, it's been everywhere. 

The shade is feminine but low-key, and works brilliantly on a bomber jacket or a pair of culottes. 

I'd also recommend these Dept of Finery sneakers. Wildly comfortable and pale pink. 

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No roundup of 2016 trends would be complete without a reference to Gigi Hadid, so here she is in the hoodie and over-the-knee boots combo that somehow became one of the year's major looks. 



A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

It's all very Vetements and very arch. This is the look for when you want to show you're both above fashion and know everything about it. 


Another one that seems pretty broad, but bear with me. It's all about the aforementioned bomber jacket and 90s-style slip dresses - another look you'll see a lot of over at Monica Rose's Instagram


Nude vibes #STYLEDbyMonicaRose #kendalljenner

A photo posted by M O N I C A R O S E (@monicarosestyle) on

Very considerate of her to stitch together three different satin looks in one image for us. Layering is key here, as is keeping it tone-one-tone. 


At 26, I'm old enough for trends I remember as a kid to have started coming back round. This time it's those tattoo chokers, and they brought their mates. 

From shoelace chokers - I'm not kidding, the look a bit like bolo ties - to tops that come with a fabric choker built in, 2016 has been all about the tight neck. 

There's the shoelace version. I'd never lie to you. 


Jeans are so omnipresent that referring to them as a trend would be ridiculous, but the type of jean - that changes. 

This year it's been all about the high waist and the looser fit through the leg, while still fitting snugly through the butt. Think vintage Levis 501s, think the Wedgie fit they did with Kylie Jenner. 


A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

I bought a pair of these in May and wore them all winter. If skinny jeans are dying (to me they never will) this fit is their successor. 


Let's finish with a trend I'm firmly in favour of: the return of the high-cut swimsuit. 

Yeah, you might initially feel a bit exposed, but that extra bit of leg goes a long way. They're super flattering and you'll feel like a 1980s supermodel. I'm not seeing a downside. 



A photo posted by MYRASWIM (@myraswim) on

Australian company Myra Swim is the gold standard here. With beautiful colours and simple cuts, their suits look and feel amazing. 

Join me in pretending to be a Baywatch lifeguard. I swear it's fun. 

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