Rocking the onesie - indoors and out

17:00, May 25 2013
OUT OF THE BEDROOM: The rise of the onesie has taken it out of the bedroom and into the high street.

Stuck behind a human tiger at the supermarket checkout? Or seen a fluffy giraffe wandering through your suburban cul-de-sac?

You wouldn't be alone in the feeling of slight confusion at the proliferation of adults wearing what appear to be baby stretch and grows in public of late. It is the trend for "onesies" - an all-in-one outfit, often in the shape of an animal or with a print.

It's a bit hard to say where the trend started but the Biebs (Justin Bieber) wore a red tracksuit onesie in April during a tour of Sweden. He showed some sweet dance moves in that onesie. But it has been about for much longer than that. In the United Kingdom they even have a national onesie day.

ALL IN ONE: Comedian Jaquie Brown recently tweeted this picture of herself in a onesie.

On our shores comedian and TV personality Jaquie Brown recently tweeted a picture of herself in her newly purchased onesie. It was from the UK - perhaps the Brits are the holy grail of the onesie?

Comments ranged widely in response to Brown's onesie including "totally magical".

TVNZ business presenter Nadine Chalmers-Ross said: "Totes magical. I'm half jealous, half wondering how difficult it would be just to pee."


Brown's response to that possibly does not need to be printed.

Even down south they are getting in on the act. In April, radio station More FM had a onesie day with Christchurch presenters Simon Barnett and Gary McCormick dressing up in men's versions. And the sports world is not immune: Blues rugby player Joe Edwards tweeted about having bought a onesie online. Yet to see photo evidence of that one.

The Warehouse spokeswoman Gretchen Lowe said the company's stores had stocked onesies in the sleepwear range since 2008 and over the past three years sales had tripled. This season they had almost sold out.

"Originally, the onesie was more popular with women and girls but now boys and men are embracing this amazing sleepwear trend too," Lowe said.

They range in price from about $20 for a basic fleece number to $130 for the more elaborate animal onesies.

Lowe said the warm winter fleece versions were perfect for the cooler nights but the company would also be offering lighter weight options for spring.

Online retailer Mighty Ape started selling onesies last September.

Spokesman Matt East said they were so popular "that we sold out of most of our stock within a week". East said the outfits were "very popular with students who are flatting [especially in the South Island], saves on the heating bill."

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