Friday fashion fix: Sleepwear

05:52, Jun 14 2013
Friday Fashion Fix: Sleepwear
Boohoo owl onesie, $60; Sussan owl shorts, RRP $24 and Peter Alexander penguin slippers, $39.95.
Friday Fashion Fix: Sleepwear
Peter Alexander men’s camo onesie, $129, Boohoo Lazy onesie, $40 and Stella McCartney Sophie Sleeping all-in-one on sale at $314.95.
Friday Fashion Fix: Sleepwear
Peter Alexander sleep pant, $59.99 and Mambo Woman sleep pant at The Warehouse, $24.99.
Friday Fashion Fix: Sleepwear
Betty Boop gown at The Warehouse on sale at $19.98 and Il Nido kimono, $130.
Friday Fashion Fix: Sleepwear
Stella McCartney Clara Whispering chemise on sale at $109.95 and Pretty Plum Sugar robe, approx NZ$155.

If you love clothes, sleepwear gives you a stage in which to express yourself in ways you may not be bold enough to in your daywear - and never mind outside the house. 

Are you a secret siren? An outsider (anti-'it girl') a la Karen Walker? Or maybe you have a secret desire to be a cuddly toy that only a onesie can fulfill. 

Check out the boldest and most beautiful sleepwear options on the market right now.