Is your man winter-ready?

17:00, Jun 18 2013
Winter Fashion for Men
JACKETS AND PANTS: Barkers Jacket $299, I Love Ugly Blazer $249, Farmers The Fresh Brand slim pant $79.99.
Winter Fashion for Men
SWEATERS: MisteR Jumper $330, I Love Ugly Cardigan $159, Farmers Logan Merino V Neck in Red $99.99.
Winter Fashion for Men
BOOTS: Barkers Stafford Suede Boot $199, Bing Harris & Co Sgt. Military Boot $129, EMU Australia Aspley in Hazlenut $299.95.
Winter Fashion for Men
HATS AND SCARVES: MisteR Hat $120, Country Road Scarf $64.90, I Love Ugly Hat $85.
Winter Fashion for Men
WATCHES: Casio Ediface Stainless Steel Chronograph Urban Line $499, I Love Ugly Watch $115, Seiko Gents Leather Strap Watch $650.
Winter Fashion for Men
SUNGLASSES: RayBan Sunglasses $325, Emporio Armani $355, DKNY $135.

It’s good to be a guy.  They don’t have to wax their legs, colour their roots or contemplate hideous supportive underwear.  But a clever guy knows the value of looking good and recognises a garment that fits well, flatters him and requires no fuss to maintain and coordinate.  We’ve consulted with stylish, sporty men who combine business with parenting, to bring you the Winter 2013 Top 10 for Men:

1. A blazer. A jacket that is NOT his suit jacket, and is designed to be worn as a separate with jeans, cords, drill pants or wool pants.

2. A scarf. Who doesn’t love a garment that is both practical (keeps him warm) and gives him an opportunity to wear a symbol of his individuality (anyone remember Nicolas Cage and his Wild at Heart Snakeskin jacket?). Heck, maybe it’s even his team scarf - this is where he gets to be himself.

3. A colourful knit.  Gone are the days when men were limited to navy or grey pullovers.  Bold hues are huge for both men and women this season, and a coloured knit shows a little playfulness and confidence.

4. A slim pant.  It’s the silhouette of the moment and keeps the overall look contemporary.  Discard any thought of a dropped crotch - unless he’s under 20: they’re for pro-skaters and surfers only and will inevitably limit the combos he can create with his other key pieces.

5. A boot. Be it a classic Chelsea boot or something with a little bit of personality, a pair of go-to boots are a necessity.  Younger, strictly casual guys may prefer a canvas high top, however it is more limiting. Matching boot colour to blazer means virtually every top and bottom he has can be worn with them.

6. A hat.  “An essential fashion item that is often overlooked these days,” says Ra Thomson from Christchurch-based fashion label MisteR. “Not only do they keep your head warm but the right hat can make an average outfit amazing.” For winter it could be a cheesecutter, a beanie, or a more tailored hat.

7. A touch of detail.  Maybe it’s beautiful facing on the collar of his shirt, or a standout lining inside his blazer.  We are seeing more and more beautiful detail in menswear and if he sports such a piece, it shows he has an appreciative eye.

8. A stylish watch.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, but is a subtle way to show good taste, and is another item which allows him to express a little bit of his personality.  Best worn with tidy nails.

9. A pair of flattering sunnies.  We live in the land of four seasons in one day.  He WILL have to get them out this winter.  There are so many available at such a range of price points.  Work best with a good haircut.

10. Cologne. This one is arguable, but in our book there is only one thing nicer than a well-dressed, clean man, and that’s a well-dressed clean man wearing a tiny bit of tasteful after-shave or cologne.

Last week the US-based Fragrance Foundation announced Acqua di Gio Essenza Giorgio Armani as the winner of their Consumer Choice award.

Locally, JR Duty Free’s Ashley Thompson reports that Givenchy Gentleman Only is their hot seller.  Remind your man if necessary: a TINY bit is all he needs.  As the old adage goes, if you can smell it on yourself, you’re wearing too much.