Milla: Airbrushing encourages anorexia

22:39, Jun 24 2013
I know that they would totally love it if I fell on my butt."
MODEL BEHAVIOUR: Red carpet events aren't Milla's favourite things because: "I know that they would totally love it if I fell on my butt."

Milla Jovovich thinks magazine airbrushing has led to "two strings" in America, "either obesity or anorexia".

The 37-year-old model worries that young girls in the US believe they have to look immaculate at all times. She doesn't see the problem to such a degree in Europe and elsewhere and likes that females there aren't constantly fearful of their appearance. Milla is adamant Photoshop has made some women have unrealistic ideals.

BEAUTIFULLY FLAWED: Milla says she hopes people realise that the "super goddesses" people see in magazines are mirages: even supermodels get spots.

"I feel like in America you know there are two strings; either obesity or anorexia and I think both of them come from this perception that people in magazines actually look that way," she told

"So everybody tries to be airbrushed, everybody wears so much make-up to look perfect but just end up looking crazy, you know? I think European women are just much more chilled with it, they kind of don't expect that they should look like a magazine walking down the street, because nobody does."

The star understands models are expected to look like "super goddesses" in magazines, which is why pictures are sometimes doctored. She hopes to spread the message that it is personal flaws which create individuals though.


Milla has been modelling since she was 11 and hopes to keep doing so for some time.

"No, not at all," she replied, when asked if the industry has a ceiling age.

"Well, yeah to some degree but I feel there is no ceiling if you are an intelligent person because you're always going to be interesting to people, you know what I mean? Look at L'Oréal, they work with Andie MacDowell [who is 55].

"There is no ceiling when you have talent, intelligence, you're passionate, you're still going to get a beauty contract, it doesn't matter how old."

The star has also appeared in movies, such as the Resident Evil franchise. Having such a public life doesn't make attending major events any easier. Milla still worries about messing up on the red carpet and doesn't think that fear will ever leave her.

"It's not one of my favourite things. I mean, I enjoy performing you know, even on my Facebook page I'm in front of a camera. I love to be on stage, I love to act, I love to be creative but you know, the red carpet gives me the willies," she laughed.

"I know that, you know, they love me and everybody is super sweet but at the same time, I know that they would totally love it if I fell on my butt."

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