Kylie's most memorable fashion moments

00:41, Jul 03 2013
Kylie's top 10 fashion moments
HOT-PANTS: Perhaps Kylie's most well-known fashion moment of all, the infamous back-side baring gold hot-pants worn in her 'Spinning Around' video in 2000.
Kylie's top 10 fashion moments
HOODED BODYSUIT: 'I just can't get you out of my head'... professed by millions after kylie donned this creation in her video.
Kylie's top 10 fashion moments
PHANTOM OF THE POP: Kylie wowed audiences at a gig in Spain in 2009 wearing a glittering silver mask, a revealing black bodysuit and her signature thigh-highs.
Kylie's top 10 fashion moments
ELEGANTLY POLISHED: Looking timeless and perfectly put together in a breath-taking Roberto Cavalli gown at Cannes 2013.
Kylie's top 10 fashion moments
SEXY SAILOR: Flirty one-pieces are something of a specialty for the petite Kylie. Here she is performing at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert in 2012.
Kylie's top 10 fashion moments
BRONZE BODY-CON: Kylie had the fashion pack talking with this beautifully tailored bronze fishtail gown at Cannes in 2012.
Kylie's top 10 fashion moments
FEATHERS GALORE: Kylie at her glamour-puss best in pink feathers and sequins on her Showgirl tour in 2006.
Kylie's top 10 fashion moments
GRECIAN GODDESS: Winged ears, a flowy white dress and metallic detailing combine to create one of Kylie's most famous stage costumes during her 'Aphrodite' tour in 2011.
Kylie's top 10 fashion moments
SLIP 'N BOOTS: A white corset dress and futuristic silver thigh-high boots turned heads at the Brit Awards in 2002.
Kylie's top 10 fashion moments
RISQUE COCKTAIL: Kylie vamps it up in a black figure hugging number at Cannes in 2007.

Before Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Katy Perry married music with fashion, there was Kylie Minogue.

The singer has compiled a look at her fashion choices, particularly her stage costumes, in a new book called Kylie Fashion.

‘‘It was lots of fun to look at my life in fashion through the  years,’’ Minogue said in a recent interview.

‘‘There’ve been ups and downs and fabulous moments and not so fabulous moments, but basically the book was a celebration of 25 years.’’

Yes, the 45-year-old even admits to some fashion faux pas.

‘‘I had to include some moments that were less than stellar  because we all make mistakes along the way. Some ideas that we  thought were fantastic at that point in time were upon reflection, a big mistake,’’ she said.

‘‘That’s all part of my journey and actually it’s what I like about fashion.’’

From skimpy outfits, to showgirl costumes with plume headdresses, Minogue is game to try it all.

For performances, she looks for showstoppers that will look good from the back of a large venue and hold up through 100 shows.

‘‘I was about to say, ’things you can move in...’ wait a second, about half my costumes you can’t move in,’’ she said with a laugh.

She learned that lesson the hard way decked out in headdresses, feathers and corsets on her Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour in 2005.

‘‘That’s why showgirls have to have poise because you can’t actually tip your head,’’ she recalled.

Minogue says there have been times when she got costumes so late that she’s jumped in to help stitch them up backstage.

Then there’s the ‘‘quick change’’ in and out of elaborate costumes — something she  compares to a Formula One pit stop, with four people helping her.

‘‘A lot of stuff goes down in the quick change. It depends if the show is going well or not going well what type of vocabulary I choose,’’ she said.

Minogue says there’s no time to be bashful when hurrying to change clothes, joking, ‘‘you kind of pass first base.’’

When she’s away from the stage and at home, Minogue insists she ‘‘can go to total frumpsville for sure.’’

‘‘I’m a complete letdown. At home the stilettos come off. The comfy clothes go on. I’d love to maintain this illusion that I kind of elegantly waft around home or something but I need that balance  in my life. To just be completely anti-fashion and just put whatever’s closest on, and home is the place to do that.’’

Besides her book, Minogue is also back in the music studio.

She recently signed with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and says she’s working with some great producers who she said were on her ‘‘wish list.’’

‘‘I kind of had to pinch myself and say, 'This is great,‘‘’ she  said