Plus-size label big news for NY fashionistas

02:25, Sep 02 2013
AHEAD OF THE CURVE: New York label Cabiria will be the first plus-size brand to show at the city's Fashion Week.

This year's New York Fashion Week is set to feature its first plus-size fashion label. Ever.

Cabiria, the label owned by New York designer Eden Miller, will be the first plus-size label to showcase in the Fashion Week's 70 year history. Miller, an outspoken proponent of inclusive fashion who last year raised AU$13,254 via Kickstarter to fund Cabiria's Spring/Summer collection this year, told Fashionista, "I'm incredibly excited and so stoked about it, but there's also a lot of pressure... to show that this is still high fashion, that this is part of the fabric of the fashion world as it is now, in 2013." 

According to Cabiria's website, the label "is dedicated to this attitude of daring audacity. We celebrate women in beautifully made, well cut, modern clothing that shows off their figures."

Last year, Miller's Kickstarter exceeded its goal by $5,254, demonstrating just how passionate the market is for plus-sized fashion. In recent years the advertising and fashion industries have come under increased scrutiny for the beauty standards they perpetuate. Both risk seeming outdated as society progresses towards body acceptance. "I'm hoping it becomes a non-issue," Miller said to Fashionista, referring to the plus-size distinction. "I'll be happy to get press coverage...but I'm really hoping that it's seen just as the other offerings at fashion week." 

New York Fashion Week kicks off next Thursday.

- The Vine