Kim K's weird high-fashion shoot

00:07, Sep 05 2013
Kim K's Fashion Shoot
Kim's putting on lippie without a mirror moment - she wears an Ann Demeulemeester dress and two vintage Chanel jackets.
Kim K's Fashion Shoot
Here she wears a Comme de Garcons jumpsuit (which appears to have busted open) and Givenchy shoes (which look mighty like some gumboots we spied at The Warehouse last week).
Kim K's Fashion Shoot
The October edition of CR Fashion Book features dual covers, one of Kim K in grills, and the other of models frolicking on the beach.
Kim K's Fashion Shoot
To the left, a rare okay fashion moment from the spread - this Celine dress is actually gorgeous. While, to the right, we have the spread's ultimate fashion fail: a vintage Ralph Lauren sweater with a veil/cap combo (let's not make this a thing ... please).
Kim K's Fashion Shoot
The shoot, titled Miss USA, shows Kim wearing the Maison Martin Margiela mask that Kanye loves to wear - seriously, Google image it, he loves that bedazzled balaclava.

A newly-blonde Kim Kardashian has just been revealed as the latest cover star for Carine Roitfeld's avant-garde biannual fashion mag, CR Fashion Book. 

In the strange, soft-focus fashion spread shot by Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, a heavily-pregnant Kim Kardashian, 32, reveals her baby bump, poses with lipstick smeared all over her face, wears grills as well as a dodgy hat/veil combo and dons a lifeless expression in every shot. In short, the shoot, titled 'Miss USA', is odd. 

Plus, considering high-fashion's tendency to diss anything related to reality TV - and especially anything to do with the Kardashians - the cover choice has come as a surprise to many. But then Roitfeld - the former editor of French Vogue - is known as a rebel in a pretending-to-be-reformist, but-actually-quite-conformist industry. 

"Always surprise people," the 58-year-old Parisian explained of the cover choice. "(People) like it or they don't like it. People were very surprised. I think it's good to have surprises in fashion because we always see the same things." 

"Pregnancy is something that I always love," she continued of why she chose to feature Kardashian while she was heavily pregnant. "It's about hope and the future and a new baby. This is not something for a gossip magazine that goes into the trash. This is a magazine that is a collector's item."

The shoot was art-directed by Givenchy designer Ricardo Tisci - who also happens to be Kanye West's bestie - and is definitely Kim K's most important high-fashion moment to date. It was all photographed in Karl Lagerfeld's at-home studio - the 79-year-old designer prefers to shoot at night, and so they only wrapped up the job at 2am (maybe that explains some of the dodgy focus issues).

The question now is, will other couture glossies, like Vogue, follow suit and feature a member of Kris Jenner's empire? 

See Roitfeld at work - and a lot of people taking fashion very seriously - in the trailer for Mademoiselle C (which is touted to basically be the next September Issue, but just about Roitfeld rather than Wintour) ...