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THE GOOD: Contrasting collars, cuffed pants and an off-the-shoulder jacket that isn't an ounce redundant looking… Yara Shahidi is a study in understated whimsy in Marni. She's just turned 17, and she's already got a clear personal style. She strikes the perfect balance between looking fresh and age-appropriate without ever resorting to bandage dresses or the other tropes most Nickelodeon-aged starlets or young Kardashians tend to trot out on the regular.

THE GOOD: So it might not be everyone's cuppa, but there's a lot to like about this Vivetta on actress Ophelia Lovibond. It's a punchy colour, it's refreshingly relaxed for a red-carpet number (without looking underdone) and there's just enough frou-frou. It's a bit Edwardian, a bit milkmaid, a bit Diane Kruger-esque, and altogether that makes it rather charming. (Also, we should point out, with everyone at Coachella this week the fairytale gowns have dried up. But saying that…)

THE GOOD: Chinese superstar Liu Yifei looks quite literally like a tea cosy or cake topper doll in this saccharine gown - but she also looks kind of fabulous. The bold pink Zuhair Murad gown features a lot of sparkles, a lot of folds and a skirt that could fit three more Liu Yifeis under it - yet it somehow doesn't swamp her - probably because it nips in at the waist at exactly the right spot and has a light top half. Also, it's a strong purple pink rather than a twee ballet hue. We'd have ditched the choker, but now we're nit picking so let's move on...

THE GOOD: Look, let's just put politics aside for a minute (although that nudge during the anthem was Twitter gold) and concentrate solely on the First Lady's fashion for the White House's annual Easter egg roll. Melania Trump's choice of sugary pink Herve Pierre hits that sweet spot between event-appropriate but not stuffy, with its midi cut, nipped-in waist and romantic organza. There's a bit of interest with the pleating, but it's not overpowering, and bonus mark for plumping for flats. As haters of heels (and by haters, we mean physically incapable of walking in them for more than 90 seconds), we always like to see more women repping the ballet pump in the public eye.

THE GOOD: OK, OK, we normally stick to red carpet looks, and this is officially a stage outfit, but Lorde looks so dang swanky in her sparkly Coachella pants that we just had to share. These glorious trou' are by Johanna Ortiz, and we're loving the top, even though it's a hybrid straddling Medieval chain mail and a twee 50s prom dress. Sounds confusing, looks cool. PS: From some angles the pants are giving us an Ariel in the Little Merm' vibe. And yes, that's a definite compliment.

THE BAD: The radiant Gemma Arterton (seriously, neck up this is a triumph) took quite a lot of inspiration from the event while attending her latest cinema screening. Unfortunately said inspiration was from the theatre seats, which appear to have been downcycled into a boxy, shiny red velvet suit, complete with rivets and all. This velvet monstrosity is by Altuzarra (not Hoyts) and Gemma deserved better.

THE BAD: Actress Ashley Rickards must be quite good at her job, because she's doing a pretty solid impression of a woman pretending to be happy with her stylist's work. Rickards wore this shorts-suit tribute to early 2000s Lindsay Lohan to the premiere of The Outcasts, which is what her tie's probably feeling like in this ensemble. If you haven't got a collar to tuck it under, or even a shirt to lay it on top of, the board-room accessory is probably redundant - that seems like a sensible rule. However this is no ordinary tie, if you look closely you'll see it's made. Out of. Wood. Stop the world, we want to get off.

THE BAD: This bloated two piece Charlie XCX is wearing looks like a design Vivienne Westwood started creating on a mannequin but then abandoned before she got to do even an ounce of tailoring when she realised she was effectively just making an expensive Yankees uniform with a sweetheart neckline. The actual designer? Jacquemus. Naughty corner for them...

THE BAD: Ryan Destiny needs to be paying that belt time and a half, because it's working hella overtime. Now, the singer/actress is pictured here at Coachella, which is a pretty fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants event, style-wise, but Destiny took that rather literally. When we're at a sunny outdoors event and think 'oof, it's a bit warm, I wish I was wearing less jean', we're picturing cut-offs, not one actual jean. We're more ready for the apocalypse than we are for single-legged pants to become a thing. Because the chafing. Oh the chafing.

THE BAD: One week, two bad hat tricks for Kendall Jenner. In the 10 gallon job she looks like a Texas oil tycoon who has retired, and so is finally able to ditch the stuffy suits and dress the way he wants, pursuing his passion for Palazzo pants and sequins. And in the "Done With You" baseball cap look her blouse is clearly a part-time parachute that's in the process of deflating. It's like she's hoiked up a full Victorian skirt to act as a top and then just tucked it into her jean shorts. Not advisable.

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In this week's red carpet roundup, Melania Trump is pretty in pink, Kendall Jenner has two bad hat tricks and a tie made of wood leaves us baffled.

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The First Lady was on to a winner this week, while Kendall Jenner and Ashley Rickards couldn't make it work.
Getty Images

The First Lady was on to a winner this week, while Kendall Jenner and Ashley Rickards couldn't make it work.

In this weekly fashion fest, we only bring you the horrors and the hits from the red carpets and only cover events where celebrities know they'll be snapped and critiqued for their fashion (so no Britney leaving Maccas in her trackies.)

Why? Well because all humans - even celebs - should be allowed to look rubbish while packing a Quarter Pounder (testify!).

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