My Sunday routine: Macayla Chapman of Bird & Knoll

Chapman is the founder of a luxury scarf and resortwear fashion brand.

Chapman is the founder of a luxury scarf and resortwear fashion brand.

There is no real set routine for my weekends - they vary depending on what is going on - but generally are extremely full and there is never a dull moment. 

Weekends for me are all about spending time with family and friends, eating good food and if we get the chance, heading away out of Auckland to explore and enjoy our amazing country. It is safe to say I have what is known as the travel bug, my husband and kids have been successfully infected with this disease also, so whenever we get the time or the invitation we are off. 

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Chapman enjoying a sunny break on her bike.

Chapman enjoying a sunny break on her bike.

Quite ironic really as both George (my husband) and I have offices based in Sydney and travel frequently for work - you would think we would get over it - BUT no I feel like I am always packing a bag or unpacking and working out outfit combinations in my head … this is where the inspiration for our new Bird & Knoll Resort line was born I am sure! 

Auckland is home for me, having lived overseas in both London and Sydney for periods. I grew up on the North Shore and spent a lot of time at the beach as I was a surf lifesaver so the beach is definitely my happy place and we can be found there often. 

A Sunday drive out to one of the breathtaking local beaches is a favourite of ours, and my kids absolutely love this!  We are so lucky to have some many amazing options so close to home: Tawharanui, Omaha, Pakiri, Piha, Bethells, Karekare, Whatipu  - each location offering something different, new and exciting for a day full of adventure. Whether it is summer or winter doesn't really matter, as there are so many things to do - getting back to nature, climbing rocks, exploring caves, playing in the waves, surfing, walking through the bush, riding bikes, discovering different animals, shells or plants.

The kids can run and exhaust themselves until we settle into a picnic that always tastes so good because you are so hungry - it is a really nice way to tie up the weekend and get ready for a busy week ahead.

There are also a myriad of cool boutique eateries to stop at and enjoy the local fare on the way back to town. The Sawmill Cafe in Leigh is a favourite as is Charlie's Gelato Garden in Matakana. My husband is a bit of a whizz in the kitchen also and makes the most delicious slow-cooked pulled pork tacos, so Sunday tacos at ours with friends is always a great time. 

Sipping a good coffee and strolling the strip on Ponsonby Road is also a favourite Sunday pastime of mine. I love to shop and don't need a long time to get my fix as I am a very purposeful shopper. I will pop in to see what is new and like to keep my finger on the pulse in my favourite boutiques and homeware stores. I zone out and find this totally therapeutic - much to my husband's horror! 

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MY IDEAL SUNDAY would include a tiny lie- in if possible - I'm not a morning person and with weekend sports for the kids we don't get the chance often but a lie-in is a real treat. I don't even need to be asleep just lying with a good book or flicking through Instagram is just heaven. A massage or facial would also be a bit of an indulgence - I just love Ashleigh Scott Facialist in the City Works Depot, who is amazing!

MY TYPICAL SUNDAY There will always be a bike ride, a walk, and inevitably some sort of household organisation for the week ahead. I guess when juggling a business and kids Saturday and Sunday do act as catch-up days.

ON SUNDAYS I WISH I HAD MORE TIME FOR Me! Oh the beauty procedures I could book in. In an ideal world I would love to get my hair blowdried by my amazing hairdresser and friend Natasha Radonich. In reality this happens not nearly enough!

IDEAL SUNDAY SOUNDTRACK There is always music going in our house, it could be my seven- year-old daughters 'pool party' playlist, or my son's newfound love for rap music but always something. I am listening to Drake and Bloes Brothers at the moment but anything goes.

PERFECT SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIE OR TV SHOW Big Little Lies - I'm binge watching!

FAVE SUNDAY CAFE My locals, Seabreeze and Catroux.

FAVE SUNDAY THING TO DO IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD We are lucky enough to have several close friends as various neighbours so Sunday afternoon sundowners with the neighbours, as kids swim in the pool and hang out together, is always a highlight.

BEST HANGOVER CURE Yum cha and big glass of Coke with a slice of lemon and lots of ice! Does the trick every time. 

BEST TIP FOR DEALING WITH THE SUNDAY NIGHT BLUES Retail therapy never fails! Purchase something online to look forward to in the week ahead - or book a holiday. Problem solved! 

 - Sunday Magazine


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