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THE GOOD: Things we want to borrow from Gillian Anderson: her silk shirts from The Fall, her directions to the fountain of youth, and this Erdem dress. It's romantic and ruffly but not OTT fussy - and that can be a hard balance to strike. The understated sleeveless cut and high neck are key here; it feels both Scandi-cool, and like something a European princess would wear to a royal summer wedding. Total queen.

THE GOOD: Pam-An' is managing to make floor length, gold sequin Vivienne Westwood look beachy and relaxed. And that's why she's the original Baywatch babe. Ms Anderson can often get it wrong on the red carpet, so kudos for where it's due: this is fresh, feminine, and befitting of a legend (which, let's be honest, Pam is). All that said, we'd love a go at her brows: the work of a threading guru and a pencil could work wonders...

THE GOOD: Is it our absolute favourite dress the Duchess of Cambridge has ever worn? Probably not. But you can't deny this See by Chloe midi is elegant, event-appropriate and totally on brand for the Duch. It almost makes her look like a 21st-century Truly Scrumptious with the frilled high neck, creamy hue and belted waist (and that pleases our inner Chitty Chitty superfan no end). The best bit? It's actually recycled - Kate first wore this dress on her Canadian tour of 2016, and we love to see a royal be as sartorially thrifty as ourselves. Although we doubt she's still got a Spice Girls tour T-shirt circa 1998 kicking around in her wardrobe… not that we have of course *cough*.

THE GOOD: Seeing how amaze-bouche Princess Mary of Denmark looks here makes us want to see finger-waves on Duchess Cathy one day soon (who doesn't love a retro wave when it's deployed well?). This Erdem dress on the Tasmanian-girl-turned-Danish-royal has a lightness of being while still being completely covered in a floral pattern (the white hue and long-sleeved cut definitely help). We have absolutely no criticism (for a change).

THE WILDCARD: Could we pull this Lavish Alice number off ourselves? Almost certainly not. But then we are not Priyanka Chopra (no matter how many $50s we throw in wishing wells around the world). The otherworldly beautiful actress takes an awkwardly-cut culotte jumpsuit that on some (read: us) would look like a shrunken prison uniform, and manages to make it feel quirky and fun and yet still very, very chic. On us, those ruffled flaps would look positively labial; on her, uh-mazing. Such is the power of the Chopra.

THE BAD: Now we are two lasses who value comfort above nearly everything (namely style), but even we can't get on board with this hot mess by Issey Miyake, and suffered through bravely by Katy Perry. It looks like a lollipop lady's coat left to dry in the washing machine, and that's not an aspirational look if ever we described one. On the plus side, the whole high-vis-and-duct-tape effect does make the patent Mod boots a lot more palatable.

THE BAD: Jennifer Connelly might be wearing head-to-toe Louis Vuitton, but she looks less haute couture clotheshorse and more confused racecar driver to us. Neck up - goddess. Neck down? Concussed F1 star who was heading out for a championship, but at the last minute believed she was hitting up a cute afternoon tea party (and hey, you don't want to forget your vintage handbag and 50s-inspired belt for that, right?).

THE BAD: We're about to tell you something about Brandi Glanville's outfit that once seen, cannot be unseen… Look at how that irrational stomach cutout on the dress forms a frown. Now look at how the neckline-to-breast ratio creates the appearance of despondent, half-closed eyes. Look at the whole thing and you'll see how her torso is Mr Grumpy from the Mr Men series. Or a curmudgeonly amoeba from Inside Out the cartoon. Not aspirational.

THE BAD: Does Kim Kardashian's boot transition straight into pants here? We're thinking so. "Oh, you said suit pant, soz I thought you said boot pant!" said the designer to the perplexed buyer. And doesn't that blouse just look so comfortable and easy to launder? This woman can look good when she wants to, but too much Jonathan Cheban lounging on her bed, helping her get ready, shouting "YAS, so DIRECTIONAL" has her stuck in a very damaging positive feedback loop. Want to buy this wearable look? It's by Chalayan.

THE BAD: Sofia Carson's dip-dyed shower loofah top is by Yanina Couture - and it basically looks like a revealing mesh job that's been made more modesty fashion by a very average designer in Photoshop: "Just use the blur tool to redact her nipples before we go to press, Dave." "Sure, will do…"

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In this week's red carpet roundup, the Duchess recycles, Pam Anderson shows why she's a legend and Kim K's boot pants are just plain weird.

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Both Kate and Pam are keeping it real this week, but we really wish someone would be honest with Kim.
Getty Images

Both Kate and Pam are keeping it real this week, but we really wish someone would be honest with Kim.

In this weekly fashion fest, we only bring you the horrors and the hits from the red carpets and only cover events where celebrities know they'll be snapped and critiqued for their fashion (so no Britney leaving Maccas in her trackies.)

Why? Well because all humans - even celebs - should be allowed to look rubbish while packing a Quarter Pounder (testify!).

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