Study finds the 'most stylish' age for women

23:12, Oct 13 2013
Michelle Williams
STYLE AT ANY AGE: Michelle Williams shows her style nous at 33.

At what age do you feel your most fashionable? Marks & Spencer has released a report claiming people (by which we can only assume they mean women) hit their style stride at 33.

After surveying 2,000 adults, the British retailer found that 33 was when we're most confident and content with the way we dress, after spending a large part of our lives feeling utterly uncomfortable in whatever we are wearing. (You are not alone in your wardrobe anxiety!)

According to the study, "feeling stylish" equates to "feeling comfortable with your personal style" so it makes sense that 33 year olds - who are, for the most part, educated, moneyed and mature enough to make smart sartorial decisions - have come out on top.

A third of people surveyed blame the fashion blunders they made during their 20s on chasing trends without thinking them through first. (Hmm. This twentysomething already has an inkling she'll live to regret 'pyjama' dressing, not to mention the frightening, nineties-inspired, retro redux trend currently making waves on the catwalk. I blame you, ASOS.)

The study also found that 24 is the trickiest age for coming to terms with your personal style. Though we have to agree that the mid-20s are tricky, are they really as tricky as your teenage years? We think back to that rebellious nu-goth phase we went through at 17, or that time in our lives when Esprit, Benetton and multi-colour shoelaces were the height of dressing up.

With enough tragic fashion moments to fill a photo album (or many) left behind us, we look to our 30s as the light at the end of the tunnel. At this point, we'd like to believe we're familiar enough with our body shape to know what clothing feels natural - what works and what doesn't - to add that certain level of sophistication to a look.

But we'd also like to add that contrary to the study's findings, there's no reason why that shouldn't thrive onwards and upwards, well into your 60s, 70s and 80s ... 

- Daily Life