A new level of red carpet risque

22:59, Nov 05 2013
Jaimie Alexander Mesh Dress
ODD REQUEST: In our imagination, this is how Jaimie Alexander's conversation with her stylist went. Stylist: "So Jaimes, I'm thinking we work the embellished trend, play on armour, you know, work the whole Thor vibe." Jaimie: "Hmmm ... I really just want a dress that showcases my personal grooming choices."
Jaimie Alexander Mesh Dress
BACK SIDE: From certain angles, this dress almost requires a black bar or a touch of blur tool.
Jaimie Alexander Mesh Dress
CO-STAR: Zachary Levi repeats an internal head mantra to himself over-and-over again "Eyes above neck ... eyes above neck."
Jaimie Alexander Mesh Dress
THOR CAST: Something about the presence of Sir Anthony Hopkins in this picture makes the dress seem all the worse.

First it was impossibly-low necklines (hello J-Lo in green Versace); then it was extremely-high leg splits (from the Jolie leg to slinkier numbers): now it seems the new red carpet risqué is mesh.

Gwyneth Paltrow made headlines in a see-through Antonio Berardi gown at the Iron Man 3 premiere in April, and now Jaimie Alexander has turned heads in an Azzaro gown that leaves even less to the imagination.

Wearing the long-sleeved glorified body stocking to the Thor: The Dark World premiere, the 29-year-old told E! that she doesn't have to work hard to maintain her physique. 

"People hate me," she joked to E! News. "I don't work out that much." [Checking ... checking ... Yep, hate her.]

Alexander plays Lady Sif in the movie, and is currently dating Twilight actor Peter Facinelli (the pair got together just months after he filed for a divorce from Jennie Garth).

Facinelli was busy at a Twilight event that night, but his 16-year-old daughter Luca Bella did come along to the Thor red carpet with her dad's girlfriend Alexander.

Can you IMAGINE hanging out with your dad's new girlfriend while she's wearing that?! ['Luca, I need you to covertly touch your nose three times whenever anything indecent slips out.]

One thing's for sure: we really hope this dress wasn't on loan. 

- What do you think? Too much? Or just enough risk?