'Fat girls shouldn't wear stripes'

00:04, Nov 27 2013
Fat Girls Shouldn't Wear Stripes
AMBER: Breaking the rules 'fat girls shouldn't wear pin-up dresses or have bare arms' and 'fat girls shouldn't wear animal print'. Amber on body confidence: “Yeah I’m fat, but I am also cute as a button and everyone who doesn’t like it can kiss my ass!”
Fat Girls Shouldn't Wear Stripes
CASSIE: Breaking the rules 'fat girls shouldnt wear sheer; short skirts or anything that shows off their figure'. Cassie on body confidence: "I love short skirts, showing off my midriff and basically loving my body even if it makes other people uncomfortable."
Fat Girls Shouldn't Wear Stripes
CHLOE: Breaking the rule 'fat girls shouldn't wear bathing suits'. Chloe on being body confident: "Don’t be afraid to feel like the most attractive woman in the room. Stop letting the fear of rejection and ridicule rule you. Put an end to feeling like you are less of a woman than someone in a different shaped body."
Fat Girls Shouldn't Wear Stripes
KHAYT: Breaking the rules 'fat girls shouldn't wear baggy clothes or bright solid colours'. Khayt on body image: "I can’t natter on enough about how I love that any shape can be decorated and exalted."
Fat Girls Shouldn't Wear Stripes
KHRISSIE: Breaking the rule 'fat girls shouldn't wear tailored clothing'. Khrissie on the project: "Meagan inspires me with all the hard work she has done with body acceptance and I wanted to help by showing that you don’t have to have a 'commercially acceptable size' to be a badass style-slaying chick in this modern world and sometimes, bumps and bits just make the outfit stand out that tiny bit better."
Fat Girls Shouldn't Wear Stripes
SEMIRA: Breaking the rules 'fat girls shouldn't wear t-shirts or clothes that show the outline of their stomach'. Semira on body image: "We need to accept ourselves and enjoy what we have. Not only that, we have to accept others as BEING themselves."

Local fashion blogger Meagan Kerr wants women to stop listening to the word 'shouldn't'. 

"Don't wear sleeveless tops. Don't wear pencil skirts. Satin, bikinis, stripes, fitted clothing that highlights your body shape, loose clothing that doesn't highlight your body shape. Don't wear white. Only ever wear black." 

These are just some of the things that Kerr says "plus-size" women are repeatedly told, and so she set out to show how gorgeous women of all sizes can look beautiful when breaking fashion rules in her body-positive photography project 'Fat Girls Shouldn't Wear Stripes'. 

THE BLOGGER: Meagan Kerr, the brains behind 'Fat Girls Shouldn't Wear Stripes'.

"I decided to undertake this project because of the lack of positive images of plus-size women in the media - too often when we see photos of women above a size 16, it's shown in a negative way like 'This celebrity's shocking weight gain' or 'I lost 25kg and then I found love'," the award-winning 20-something blogger explains.  

"People need role models of all shapes and sizes, and I really wanted to show that you can be confident and have amazing style if you're 'plus size'. So many New Zealanders (women especially) have body image and self esteem issues, and I am pleased to be able to offer a space where they can see other women who look like them, love themselves no matter what size or shape they are, and are really positive about the way they look.

"I've had a lot of women (both from New Zealand and overseas) getting in touch with me to share how much this project means to them, which I think is amazing... 

"Sadly, I've also learned that there are a lot of uninformed, small-minded people who have only negative things to say about fat people in general. I like to remind them that you can not tell the state of a person's health by looking at them, and someone's health is no one's business but their own. And if you find yourself disgusted and offended by fat people at the beach (or anywhere), you're the one with the problem."

Tell 'em sister.

Want to rock some hot nauticals and be involved in 'Fat Girls Shouldn't Wear Stripes?' Well Meagan is hoping to travel around NZ and capture the beauty of women all around the country, so contact her here. Also, to read the full body confidence tales of all of the models, have a scroll through Meagan's blog.