Bizarre retro fashion commercials

20:36, Nov 27 2013

It's nearly the weekend ... nearly. These inadvertently funny fashion commercials from the '80s and '90s are a worthy distraction from work.

They aren't just weird from a trend perspective (think buccaneer shirts, high-waisted everything, poufy skirts and hair); there is also some terrible acting and script work at play.

The best thing about them? These were made not in jest and without a smidgen of irony. They're not parodies, people!

Just watch, learn from past fashion mistakes and try not to laugh too hard at your desk. Apologies in advance for the blurry VHS quality ...



These days, Uniqlo enlists star talent like Tavi Gevinson and Chloe Sevigny to sell its wares. This wasn't always the case. Check out Uniqlo from 20 years ago. The Japanese chain store had a middle-aged woman star in its commercial, stripping down and exclaiming, "Excuse me, sir, please exchange these clothes for me. These clothes are too old-lady-like for me, you see. So, just exchange them for me, okay? Just exchange them really quickly. I'm gonna go look around and be right back," poking fun at its incredibly lax return policy. And here's another featuring a near-naked old man! 

Zena Jeans 

Did Zena Jeans inadvertently pave the way for Daniel Craig's iconic scene in James Bond?


We're taking a walk down memory lane with this true throwback to the '80s, right down to the music and teased hair.

Undie Leggs by L'Eggs Pantyhouse 

You must check out this commercial for an undies and pantyhouse two-in-one, dug up from 1980. It is ... something. We've become such fans of their advertising that we're wondering if someone really is selling a pantyhouse commercial compilation DVD on Ebay?

Chardon Jeans 

Want to craft a 'classy' image for your label? Cramming fancy French phrases and witty wordplay like "I beg your Chardon" into your commercial will not get you there. The only thing worse than the script are the actors, speaking with accents so amusingly ridiculous it's as though they were pulled from an episode of 'Allo 'Allo.

Van Heusen 

We can't get over that awful tagline. The man owns and the woman only has temporary ownership of what is already his? And don't even get us started on Jeffrey's partner straddling that chair ...

Calvin Klein

Just slightly suggestive ...


Here's proof that the 80s was the best decade ever. Before Seinfeld swung in and ruined sweatpants forever, they were acceptable for going out - trendy even. With so many colours and combinations, the fashion possibilities were endless! 

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