How to avoid common lingerie mistakes

16:00, Dec 11 2013
Jennifer Hawkins
THE RIGHT FIT: Make like Jennifer Hawkins and ensure your bra is firm across the back resulting in zero bumps and lumps (except the ones you want of course).

Fact: No matter how amazing your outfit, ill-fitting underwear looks bad.

If you thought good shoes were the staple that could make, break or transform an outfit, we're here to tell you you're wrong - it's what's inside (or underneath) that counts.

Lines, bumps, bra straps - they're all fashion faux pas that can be easily avoided if you take this advice.

We spoke to the experts to find solutions to the most common mistakes we all make - from what we're doing that's actually ruining our lingerie to how to achieve no-lines under sheer or fitted fabrics, we've got solutions for every lingerie woe.

- Why won't my lingerie last?

Do you just toss your bras and knickers into the washing machine? Bad move. The reason lingerie doesn't last as well as it should is because a lot of us aren't following the care instructions and we're forgetting to use a laundry bag. Also, all lingerie (including shapewear) is best kept out of direct sunlight.


- How can I achieve no-lines when wearing silk or jersey?

If you're wearing a slinky dress or jersey-anything, a seamless contour or moulded bra is your secret weapon.

- Can a bra really add a cup-size?

Two, actually. If you subscribe to the mantra that size does matter, one bra can actually add up to two cup sizes.

- How do I know my bra size?

Well, the obvious choice is to go to an expert and get fitted in a lingerie store. Because every bra fits differently, you might be different sizes across different brands.

When trying on the bra, if the underbust (i.e. 10, 12, 14) is firm then stick with this size and then correct the cup. For example, if you try on a 14C and you are not contained within the cup then move to a 14D.

- I'm planning to wear bodycon this holiday season. Help!

Don't sweat it, just step into some shapewear for total support under a slim fitting dress. Multiple different brands make great shapewear that comes in many different styles including bodysuits, camisoles and waist shapers, depending on the area you want to give some attention.

- Does my bra actually fit?

The most common mistake women make is actually pretty obvious, and leads to many of us walking around in ill-fitting lingerie.

Lots of us are actually buying a bra without trying it on. Remember that all brands fit differently, you may fit one size in a certain brand but the same size in another another brand may be completely wrong for you.

- Do comfortable strapless bras exist?

Can't find a comfy strapless bra that still serves its purpose? Look for non-slip lining to ensure you don't have to fiddle with the fit all day (or night).

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