Pope Francis is 2013's Best Dressed Man

21:10, Dec 30 2013
Pope Francis: 2013's Best Dressed Man
Classic Pope Francis: the simple white cassock, cape, skull cap and large cross.
Pope Francis: 2013's Best Dressed Man
A pope for all seasons. Francis continues to rock his signature style, adding a simple white coat for winter.
Pope Francis: 2013's Best Dressed Man
Accessories can maketh an outfit though, such as this striking stole in brilliant red.
Pope Francis: 2013's Best Dressed Man
Or perhaps a hot headpiece?

Pope Francis has been ordained a style icon, after being named as Esquire Magazine's Best Dressed Man for 2013.

The pontiff beat Hollywood hotties Bradley Cooper, Chris Pine, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to take out the honour, in what Esquire style editors admit was an "unconventional choice."

The men's life and style magazine noted how Pope Francis' clothing choices reflected a new era for the Catholic church.

Pope Francis was elected the new leader in March and has quickly become known as the "people's pope" for his common touch.

He famously took a selfie with young fans in August.

"Pope Francis understands that menswear is meant to express the character of the man wearing the clothes," Mary Lisa Gavenas, who wrote an encyclopedia of menswear, told Esquire.

"No rapper-style popewear for him."

For those wanting to steal the papal style, the signature Pope Francis look is a simple, yet well-tailored white robe and cape, accessorised with a matching skull cap and large golden cross.

The fashionable pope was also named TIME magazine's Person of the Year for 2013.