The angels' guide to swimwear

01:41, Jan 15 2014

The Victoria's Secret angels have flown to rich-person-Mecca St Tropez to tell us what's hot in the world of swimwear in their annual beach Trend Watch (tough job).

Supermodels Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio and Gracie Carvalho frolic around the beach - and on boats - to show off VS' latest range of swimsuits. 

And while we're not personally interested in purchasing any Victoria's Secret swimwear, it is interesting to hear what the big trends in bikinis are, especially considering it's finally hot enough for us to wear them down here.

The angels say cutout one pieces are still hot (we're ready for that trend to go away) as are ruffles and frills (perfect for flatter-chested - or booty - ladies wanting a boost).

Perhaps the most encouraging trends they mention however are ...


A) High waisted bikinis, which are great for lovers of a retro vibe as well as people not normally confident enough to wear a bikini. One thing to note though, do pick a fun pattern and a well-made, thick pair of bottoms to avoid it looking like you're just wearing granny pants. In other words, beige + high waisted bikini = undies, undies, togs nightmare. 

B) Mix and matching: we love that this is on trend. Why? Well, because it means that even though we lost the bottoms to our leopard print bikini (we blame the sock monster) we can still rock the top half with a different pair of bottoms. Gorgeous model Gracie Carvalho recommends pairing a bright colour with an animal print for a no-fail match up. She's Brazilian, and so definitely knows what she's talking about.


- What's your fave type of swimsuit?