She gets paid how much to do that?!

09:45, Jan 29 2014
THE BAD: Jennifer Lawrence sported harshly slicked-back hair and wore her go-to designer Dior, but, unusually walked down the red carpet in what looked like a man's blazer. We applaud the fact she covered up in the freezing temperature, but the jacket choice is perplexing.
Best & Worst Dressed At The Oscars
THE PRETTY: Jennifer Lawrence wears a crinkly white Dior Haute Couture gown. Once again she's gone for a frown-shaped strapless neckline, which I'm not a huge fan of, and I hate the backwards necklace. The dress has a certain elegance, yes, and the make-up is lovely, but this look is just too bridal.
Best & worst dressed: Met Gala
THE GOOD: While it's not even a bit punk, Jennifer Lawrence's jewel-encrusted Dior gown is old-Hollywood glam, and I think this might be the best she's ever looked (I think it's a waste she didn't go punk though, as she could have rocked it). She was joined by fellow Dior ambassador Marion Cotillard (so basically they get paid lots to wear the designs - tough job).
Best & worst dressed of the fest: Days five & six
DAY FOUR: I love this fuchsia lip on Jennifer Lawrence (although, a more subtle eye might have been nice), but can they find her some different-looking Dior dresses? I'm getting major deja. Let's hope she brings the glam for her big premiere later in the week.
Best & worst dressed of the week: July 5
THE BAD: What is even going on with Jennifer Lawrence's Dior outfit here? This basically looks like something from a fourth form sewing class (in which the person gets a gold star for effort, but a fail for execution). And the skants? Well they speak for themselves. Her hair also has a serious touch of the over-ghd-when-drunk about it.
Fashion at Hunger Games premiere
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: The film's star wore Dior - continuing her rather tiresome red-carpet-exclusive tie-up with the brand. While this Couture Fall 2013 dress looks amazing in the shot to the left, front-on it was unflattering and an awkward length.
Catching Fire LA
JENNIFER LAWRENCE: Each time J-Law hits the red carpet, the world holds its breath in anticipation to see the gown du jour. Unfortunately, all I feel when I look at this lilac Dior number is let down. Just because she's one of the most likeable celebs in all of Tinseltown does not give her the excuse to wear a dress that basically amounts to a pair of strapless togs and a textured shower curtain.
Best & worst dressed: November 22
THE BAD: While I'm a fan of her vampy dark lip, this Dior dress isn't doing great things to Jennifer Lawrence - it's very Victorian widow down below and Nancy from The Craft up top (there also seems to be a zip that stops just at boob level - can you imagine if that sucker caught? Just thinking about it makes my shoulders reflexively hunch in an attempt to protect the ladies).
Best & worst dressed: November 22
THE GOOD: This is my favourite Dior look on Jennifer Lawrence so far (which isn't really saying a great deal): I like the sharp structure, I like that she looks comfortable ... I do, however, find that sequin crop circle a touch distracting (it's almost like an unfortunate ironing accident if you look at it too quickly - my cavalier attitude towards the temperature dial and general laziness at filling up the water means I've had my fair share of those).
Best & worst dressed: Golden Globes
A LOOK AT J-LAW'S DIOR DRESSES SO FAR .... THE GOLDEN GLOBES: Oh dear. There are many things Jennifer Lawrence's Dior dress looks like ... toilet paper that's accidentally gotten soaked and a body strapped to a gurney are a few that come to mind. She looks beautiful (although I would've gone for a slightly less brown lippie) but she needs to text break up with Raf Simons immediately.

She may seem 'just like us', but are you set to be paid between $NZ18 million-$NZ24 million soon? For a movie? No, for wearing fancy dresses for three years.

Yes, at just 23, Jennifer Lawrence reportedly has Dior, one of the world's most adored fashion houses, ready to cough up millions of dollars so that she continues to wear their designs on the major red carpets she walks down. 

We've been majorly disappointed with how Dior has dressed Jennifer on the red carpet and miss the more modern pieces she wore pre-Dior deal, the flashes of gold goddess she showed off in Prabal Gurung and Ralph Lauren at 2012's Hunger Games premieres show just how fierce she can look when dressed well (head to picture 3 to see them).

jennifer lawrence
'HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED MARCHESA?': Harvey Weinstein chats to Jennifer Lawrence at the SAG Awards.

Lawrence was first signed up by French fashion house Dior when its creative director Raf Simons saw her in the Hunger Games movies and was taken aback by her, in his words, "youth and her classic beauty, but also her force of character and the complexity she's capable of embodying at such a young age." 

The money spent tying up with her turned out to be a great investment for the couture label, with the young actress raking in the accolades - and therefore having the spotlight aimed firmly at her - just months after the collaboration began. 

In fact, fashion mishaps have been the real publicity grabbers for Dior when it comes to J-Law - last year everyone talked about her SAG Awards dress 'ripping' (it turned out to be part of the design) and then, of course, her famous Oscar stage trip was also the talk of the town. 

American gossip site Page Six says the three-year deal is currently "being brokered through her agents" and that Dior wants Lawrence "to dress exclusively [in their designs] for the red carpet and shut out other design houses that are vying to work with the actress".

Umm, doesn't she already wear Dior and only Dior? 

Well at least signing this deal would give her a bulletproof excuse when Harvey Weinstein's people come a-knocking asking her to wear Marchesa (his wife is the label's designer).